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India Arie

India Arie


10/3/1975, Denver, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

India Arie Sampson



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    • India.Arie: I always loved Stevie Wonder; when I was a kid, his music would touch me so much that I would have to take it off the record player for a little bit. Donny Hathaway had that effect on me too. I love James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Oleta Adams, Vince Gill and George Benson. Basically, I love singer-songwriters. That's what kept me from taking my music seriously at an earlier age. I didn't write songs. I just sang, and that wasn't enough for me. So when I started playing guitar, I jumped on it right away and I was out playing my first two songs within a month

    • India.Arie: (On her single, "I am Not My Hair") The concept for the song was sparked when I decided to cut my locks, and all the different attitudes people had about it. This is my hair and it's my life. I'll choose how I express myself.

    • India.Arie: (On the theme song to The Tyra Banks Show) When Tyra asked me to do the theme song, I knew what she was looking for because I knew what her show was going to be about and it made me feel really good. The place I hold in the music industry is like a person whose subject matter in her songs is not the norm or the popular message for a young black person. Though, whenever someone comes to me and asks me to do what I do, I am honored. It's funny because we had a meeting and I was listening to her tell me about the show and I saw a trailer about the show. Then, as I was walking out the door, I turned around and said, 'I have the perfect song!' And she came to the studio the next day and I played it for her and she thought it was perfect too.

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