India Eisley

India Eisley


10/29/1993, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

India Joy Eisley


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India Eisley is the daughter of actor/musician David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey.

Growing up in the industry she always wanted to become an actress, even as a little girl. It was something she always felt born to, and not something she just woke up one day and…more


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    • India: My idea of a good time is renting a bunch of movies and being at home.

    • India: I'm really overly sensitive. I don't cry in front of people unless I have to, cause I really don't like to. Like if people hurts my feelings, I'll just look myself in my room and cry for weeks.

    • India: (on social status when not dating as a teenager) In my opinion you can't be truly happy with someone unless you are happy with yourself, because if you don't find that security within yourself and you're not content even being alone. How are you gonna be content with anybody else?

    • India: (on working with Mark Derwin) He's just a blast to work with. He's so great. Of course when the occasional very emotional scene comes to front, he always has this thing where he whispers something in my ear that's really hilarious, and it's right before they say action, so I'm kind of battling my way through the scene.

    • India: (on similarities with her character of Ashley Juergens on The Secret Life of the American Teenager) We're both similar in the way that we both have a very dry sense of humor, and that there are two sides of me, as there are with Ashley. There's the strong, tough exterior, and then there's the ultra sensitive, caring side that most people rarely see. So I really relate to Ashley in that way, that it's a bit irritating when you wish people could see the softer side to you, but sometimes it gets hard to trust someone enough to let them see.

    • India: (tips on pursuing acting career) You should really keep at it. Even if you audition and audition, and you don't get anything for a really long time. Just keep doing it, and eventually you'll get something.

    • India: (on teen pregnancy) It's completely preventable, but when it do happen it should be dealt with in the way the girl is most comfortable with.

    • India: (on Brenda Hampton) Definitely the best part of working on the show is getting to know Brenda as a person. She's really an incredible lady, and an inspiration to me.

    • India: (on working with Molly Ringwald) She's just such a down to earth, really cool person to work with. Of course, when you're working with her, you know who she is. She never brings that kind of snooty vibe. She's so real.

    • India: (on secret talents) I'm completely double jointed, like I can bend my thumb back to touch my wrist. When I was little, I used to pop my knee caps out. I don't do that anymore. But I'm completely double jointed -- any position that someone could ask me to do on the floor, I could do it.

    • India: (on her character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager) I play Ashley, she's the rebellious younger sister of Amy. And there are parts of her that are much, much older, but then there are parts of her that are emotionally still a thirteen year old. So she's just always clashing... internally with herself.

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  • Ashley...

    I have mixed feelings for ashley. She's a very interesting person. At first I really liked her but especially now in the seasons, she's become a bit to nasty (mainly towards Amy) and indepenent.
  • At first, i thought she was just sulky and i didn't pay too much attention to her, but episode after episode, her irony reveals itself, and she is so funny!! she's so good!! and she's one of the reasons i continue to watch this show !!moreless

    At first, i thought she was just sulky and i didn't pay too much attention to her, but episode after episode, her irony reveals itself, and she is so funny!! she's so good!! and she's one of the reasons i continue to watch this show !! it's like a black diamond slowly revealing its facets !!(because she's only dressed in black clothes, you know!! anyway...) i have to write a hundred words, so here we go, i'm still far from it i'm afraid.., 90, looking good, 10 more to go...

    well well well, yes no, yes she's good, and wait for it...100!!!!!moreless