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  • Wizardry

    a full of acclaim , the fact about her self made attire for 2006 MTV awards ... which I couldn't see
  • I really like you on Home and Away because I think that you have a cute nobby nose.


    I am a big fan of yours. I have watched and taped all of the 2007 and 2008 episodes with you as Matilda Hunter in Home and Away. I am living in a residential house because I have Aspergers Syndrome, which means I get stuck on magpies, I have been watching Home and Away with family and friends. I would like to meet you for a cake and a hot chocolate one day.

  • I like show h2o just add water, and my favorite mermaid is Bella Hartley !!!

    I adoreeee Indiana Evans, she is beautifful and grate actress! I really want to meet her, but she lives in Australia and I am in Serbia(Europe) - Borring! ... So mhmm.. however I loveee the show and Indiana.. she's wonderful ... btw. I would love to see season 4 that would be grate.. and p.s. If you read this I want you to know that I am you'r biggest FAN !!!
  • Talanted

    I think Indiana Evans is a very talented actress. I love her name actually.
    Indiana plays Matilda Hunter in the Australian soap Home and Away. She lives with her Boyfriend Ric, Alf, Miles and Jai(on the show not in real life).
    Indiana has been on the show for a while, maybe 5 years now. Indiana was born on July 27th 1990. Indiana is leaving the show, we will see her leave in the next 2 months here in England, she was offered a new contrract by Home and away but turned it down, she thought it was a good time for her chacter to leave.
  • Indiana Evans is a fantastic actress that plays teenager, Matilda Hunter,in Home and Away. Throughout the time she has been on Home and Away she has beed amazing and improved a lot.

    Indiana Evans is an amazing actress and shines in every scene she is in. Her and co- star Mark Furze have amazing chemistry as Matilda Hunter and Ric Dalby, the hottest couple in the Bay. She could make any storyline fantastic. She shows she can act many different storylines. All of her performances are realistic and good to watch. She showed her skills when she first came on screen and began her first real storyline where she turned rebellious. The storyline where her character suffered issues with her appearance was amazingly done. On episodes that have recently aired she has done emotional performances and shown what a talented actress she has become and what she can do.
  • I think Indiana Evans is a very talented young girl.

    She portrays a very clean image for girls her age, and the model she is on the show is amazing because she is determined and overcomes things she goes through. I also think she is a very beautiful young girl, I love her hair! I hope and pray that Matilda's character is kept on Home and Away for a long long time!
  • Talented young actress

    I think Indiana is a really talented young actress, she has shown her versatility as an actor during her time on Home and Away, showing loads of emotion in all her performances. At first in her first scenes i didnt think she was much good but know she is one of my favourite actresses and i think she will make it big. In Home and Away, shes one of the youngest and best in it, She always shines when on screen. Her portrayal of the bullimia and fire storylines were top class, it really made me feel for the character which is what all good actors manage.
  • My thoughts!

    I think that Indiana is a amazing actress for being so young! her role as matilda in home and away is really good and has had a lot of big storylines and she has done really well playing them! my fav as been her battling bullima after the fire and near losing a brother and sister she does so well. she will go on to big things but i also hope she stays at home and away for a lot longer as her character as devloped so much since she as been on the show. and its great to watch.
  • Indiana Evans who plays Matilda Hunter is a great and rising star.her acting is superb,with her recent storylines being some of the biggest storylines in summer bay.would like very much to see Matilda and Lucus back together as they make a great couple.

    Indiana Evans who plays Matilda Hunter is a great and rising star.Her acting is superb,with her recent storylines being some of the biggest storylines in summer bay.Being in the UK i have not seen Matilda tackling bulimia nervosa or seeing how she is coping with her burns.However having read reviews i can see Indiana would have tackled them just right.I would love to see Matilda and Lucus back together, as they make a really cute couple and i thought that they were really good for eachother.Not only is Indiana Evans talented in what she does but i think she is also very beautiful.Im sure she'll be around in summer bay for a long time yet,well i hope so anyway.
  • Great actress!

    Having watched her role on H&A and seen her portrayal of Mattie battling bulimia, I've truly realised just how talented she is. It's definitely not by any means an easy plot to play around with but she did it so well! It was so convincing and when i was watching it i nearly cried cos i felt so sorry for Mattie. it's so great to see her family and friends really rally around her. Go Indiana!! And her and rhys wakefield look so cute together :)
  • Indiana is so great!

    Indiana is a fantastic actress! I first saw her on SNOBS and the first thing I thought was ‘this girl can act’. Indiana is perfect for her role on Home and Away. She has really progressed as an actress. When she first started on Home and Away, she was a little shaky, but a few weeks into her stint, she had really improved, and today she is beyond fantastic. She is also a very beautiful girl! Her modeling shoot for the August issue of Girlfriend Magazine with Isabel Lucas was perfect. She looked so beautiful in the spring fashions. A top actress, with a successful future to come!

  • Having gone from Snobs to Home & Away, this young actress is getting up high on the fame ladder.

    Indiana Evans is absolutely brilliant. She shines as Matilda Hunter in Home & Away. What seems to be a show that has turned into only casting beautiful young actress's in their 20's to play teenagers, Indiana Evans seems to be the only one who differs. She has grown up on the show from when she first premiered and having been given the right material, has shined in so many ways.