Indira Varma

Indira Varma


Bath, Somerset, UK

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Indira Varma


  • Indira Varma on Human Target.
  • Indira Varma on Human Target.
  • Dolly is played by Indira Varma in Moses...
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Born in 1973, in Bath, Somerset, England, Indira Varma used to be a member of Musical Youth Theatre Company, before she land in her first major role Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love in 1996. Later, she made multiple guest appearance but never had any recurring role until…more


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    • (on her insecurity)
      Indira Varma: I'm as insecure as the next girl when it comes to the way I look, but I also know anyone can be made to look much better than they are, whether that's through cosmetic surgery and trick photography or make-up and a flattering dress. Other people's glamor only becomes a problem when you become obsessed with wanting to look like them. I can do glamorous if a part or a photo shoot requires it, but I don't want to live glamorous.

    • (on acting)
      Indira Varma: I've been doing serious acting for as long as I've been working, but sadly, most Asians don't attend plays or tune into what they consider arty dramas, but I know they'll watch Bride and Prejudice - it's not exactly serious acting, but at least I won't be seen as the porn star that some people think I am!

    • (on her drama training)
      Indira Varma: I grew up, psychologically and emotionally. You were constantly asked to delve deep into yourself. You know, method acting and all that. In 'Impro' , you'd think to yourself, 'Right. My character's been raped, and beaten up, and now's she's tied up in this room.' And you'd say to people, 'Ooh. Could you throw me down the stairs before my improvisation and tie me up?' It wasn't a case of acting, it was where you became the person. Ridiculous, but really good fun.