Ingmar Bergman





7/14/1918 , Sweden



Birth Name

Ernst Ingmar Bergman




Ingmar Bergman was born July 14, 1918 in Uppsala, Sweden and died July 30, 2007. The award winning film writer and director is well known for his camera work. Bergman directed more than sixty documentaries and films for television and cinematic release, writing most of them. He also wrote and directed more than one hundred and seventy plays in a career that spanned over sixty years. The first was "Crisis" in 1946. His narrative writing style depicted human vulnerability, torment and loneliness. Bergman was nominated for over 60 awards for his work and won many, including two BAFTA's. In 1976 he was charged with tax evasion and left Sweden for Germany. Even though the charges were dropped, he suffered a breakdown and it was not until his sixtieth birthday that he returned to the country of his birth and to film making, working until 1973. The first four of Bergman's marriages ended in divorce. His fifth wife, Ingrid von Rosen died of stomach cancer in 1995.