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    Ingmar Bergman's search for spirituality, hope, humanity, and faith made him a unique and sometimes troubling director. Great film is like great literature in that any excellent book requires more than one read. There is always just one more aspect of the words that another reading seems to bring to light. I think Bergman qualifies under that definition. His stories are pretty clear from start to end, but viewings two, three and four, seem to peel away the delicate under layers revealing more of the motivations of the characters and the truths of the plot. This is not something to terribly worried about in modern movies.
    His direction and editing skills are also worthy of notice. He wants you to feel the characters swelter, to burn inside their skins with them. He wants you to hold onto their resolve as they fill the screen. Things are played slowly, methodically, as if we are in the middle of our own lives, where time is played out second by second.
    Obviously I would recommend The Seventh Seal to first time Bergman viewers, but check out some of his more obscure works, if you can find them. His amazing gift for the human spirit will grip you.