Ingrid Pitt





11/21/1937 , Poland

Birth Name

Ingoushka Petrov




Ingrid is internationally famous as Hammer Films' Queen of Horror. Countess Dracula, Vampire Lovers, The House That Dripped Blood, The Wicker Man, etc., have established her as an icon in the Fantasy Film genre.

Her international film debut was in what is considered one of the greatest war films of all time, Where Eagles Dare. In this, she appeared opposite Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. "They were great to work with, but ragged me all the time".

After the film was finished, Clint said to Richard, "Shall we tell her now?" "What?", I demanded. "We had a bet. Who would get you in the sack first", Clint explained. "Who won?", I asked innocently - that floored them.

Other films Ingrid has appeared in outside the horror genre are: Who Dares Wins, (aka The Final Option), Wild Geese 2, Hanna's War etc. Generally cast as a 'baddie', she usually manages to get killed horribly at the end of the final reel. "Being the anti-hero is great - they are always roles you can get your teeth into."

Ingrid has appeared in many TV shows in the UK and USA - Ironside, Dundee and the Calhane, Doctor Who etc. She has also toured extensively throughout Great Britain and South America with her own stage company.

Recently, her autobiography, Life's a Scream (Heinemann) was published, and she was short-listed for the Talkies Awards for her own reading of extracts from the audio book. "I hate being second".

The autobiography detailed the harrowing experiences of her early life in a Nazi Concentration camp, her search throughout the European Red Cross Refugee Camps for her father, and her escape from East Berlin, one step ahead of the Volkpolitzei. "I always had a big mouth and used to go on about the political schooling interrupting my quest for thespian glory. I used to think like that. Not good in a police state."

The Bedside Companion for Ghosthunters (Batsfords) is Ingrid Pitt's tenth book. It was preceded by the Bedside Companion for Vampire Lovers (Batsfords). The Ingrid Pitt Book Of Murder, Torture And Depravity was published in October 2000.

Several other books are in the pipeline. Ingrid's credentials for writing about ghosts spring from a time when she lived for a while with a tribe of Indians in Colorado. Sitting with her baby daughter, Steffanie, by a log fire, she was sure that she could see the face of her father smiling at her in the flames. "I told one of the others and he went all Hollywood Injun on me and said something like 'Heap good medicine'. I guess he was taking the mickey."

Ingrid's first book, after a number of ill-fated tracts on the plight of the Native Americans, was a novel, Cuckoo Run, a spy story about mistaken identity. "I took it to Cubby Broccoli. It was about a woman called Nina Dalton who is pursued across South America in the mistaken belief that she is a spy. Cubby said it was a female Bond. He was being very kind."

This was followed by a novelisation of the Peron era in Argentina, where she lived for a number of years after falling foul of the establishment in England. "Argentina was a wild frontier country ruled by a berserk military dictatorship at the time. It just suited my mood."

She has also written two segments of a portmanteau film entitled Moonstruck and Somewhere After Midnight.
Other writing projects include Bedside Companions of Butch B*tches and a different look at Hammer Films entitled The Hammer Xperience.

The Ingrid Pitt Fan Club is well represented internationally and has an Annual Reunion in London each November.

In spite of her busy workload, Ingrid still manages to visit conventions and film festivals in the UK, Europe and USA. "It's great meeting the fans. They tell me that I am more beautiful now than when I was making films a quarter of a century ago. All lies, of course, but sweet. And where else is an old bag like me going to get strapping young men and women whispering sweet nothings in her ear?"

Ingrid has a passion for World War 2 aircraft. After revealing her passion on a radio programme, she was invited by the museum at RAF Duxford to have a flight in a Lancaster.
Ingrid writes regular columns for various magazines and periodicals.

Ingrid's passions are flying, cricket, golf and cuddling.

Birth sign: Scorpio
Birth date: 21/11/37

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