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INXS (pronounced as IN Excess) is a Australian Rock group. The band was formed by their late vocalist Michael Hutchence ( died of suicide) . Other members are Andrew Farriss(guitar and keyboards), tim farriss( lead guitar), Jon Farriss(drums), Garry Gary Beers(bass), Kirk Pengilly(saxophone and guitar). Their first album…more


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  • The best band Australia ever produced

    Well what can I say about 'the boys'? Here is a band that has been through thick and thin.

    They're not some kind of new sensation,you can see them from Johnsons aeroplane,through good and bad times,a red red sun. What? I hear you ask? Do they mystify you? Inxs are elegantly wasted,everything they do, they could be searching for an answer, hey, don't blame me i'm just the messenger.

    Sorry I was just being a bit silly... I have been a fan since 1982. Inxs are a very versitile band and can do anything from pub rock to the large arenas...there is nothing like seeing them live,if you get the chance, you gotta go. I was extremely imoressed by JD when Inxs played live in Melbourne, September 2006.moreless
  • the best band ever!

    i love INXS yes they were a little bit better with michale but i still love it now. on may 16 i went to see them in concert and jd did awsome! he was really energetic and it made the concert so entertaining. he rocked the oldies and the new songs sounded great to. im glad he won i dont evan remember what the otherguys name was. at moments he actually sounds a little bit like michal. not alot but he has his moments. i think he put a much needed new spin on a band that was still suffering from the death of a band mate.moreless