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  • I remember Iris Adrian: I was her nurse for 4 years at her home in the Hollywood Hills. She was amazing, what wit!! Not a day goes by that I don\'t think of this wonderful woman! I miss her..I true Hollywood Legend..

    I met Iris at St Joseph Med Center. Where I had worked as a nurse.
    She had such a funny way about her.
    We became friends. She invited me to her home; and we talked. I then looked in on her for about 4 years..Up until the Northridge quake she was an alert and funny person..
    I will say that I got alot of entertainment and alot of old hollywood stories..She told me of working on the set of Mighty Joe YOung and King Kong, as well as her work with Laurel and Hardy, Florence Zigfield, Jean Harlow and Jack Benny amongst others.
    Joan Crawford was an acquaintance of hers as was almost everyone else in Hollywood.
    I saw all of her posters and film work that were in her house in the Hollywood Hills near Universal Studios..I really cared about her and she seemed to know this..I know that she was great friends with Kathryn Grayson..She spoke very highly of her.
    Finally I will say that the night before the Northridge quake I washed her hair and said I would see her soon..Little did I know that she suffered a fall during the quake that sent her tumbling down her stairs. She never recovered from this. I took care of her from time to time as she had other nurses to care for her around the clock towards the end.
    I went to her funeral and saw a bevy of people that she had worked with including : Pierce Brosnon who was there with his sons, Kathryn Grayson, and the late Giselle MacKenzie.(who gave an entertaining obituary of Iris as she knew her)
    A tribute and warm memories to a wonderful friend and a true Hollywood Legend.
    I miss you Iris!!