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    • IronE: (from "IronE...The Resurrection of") I'm an awesome fighter with the eye of a tiger When it all goes down, what's wrong, I'm ready to right I put the wife and kids to bed and gently kiss 'em good night I'm ready to rumble in the jungle just like Ali and Foreman When you mention IronE, I guarantee you they know me I'm just an eagle in flight with a spirit unbroken.

    • IronE: (on the death of his mother and where it led him) And I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give up. I didn't know if I was even meant to be here. But at that moment, I had this really larger than life experience, out of body expereice and God told me that I had a purpose here. And from that point on, I've been living to please God so that everything I do. I just want to give love. I want to speak truth from my heart and just serve as a vessel for God.

    • IronE: My grandmother was our rock, and she fed me and took care of me, while my uncle taught me what he knew, the same way he was raised: how to survive in the streets.

    • IronE: (what is most demanding about The Walking Dead) The show is so physically demanding. I would have to say the scene we did with the well walker. We had to catch the water pump from falling in the well -- we had to do that so many times. And I was on my backside and I had to kick and claw. The water pump was fake -- but it was quite demanding and really tough because we did it over and over again. By the end of the day, I was was scorching hot too.

    • IronE: (on his Walking Dead character) T-Dog likes cookies n' cream. And then sometimes butter pecan. But it also depends on what kind of cake he's eating. You gotta have cake with your ice cream.

    • IronE: (on what his wife calls him in public) It depends on who we are around. When we are out in public, she says she tries her best to remember to call me IronE because that is what people know me as. But at home behind closed doors, she says Singie or she says Rob but most of the time Singie. My last name is Singleton, so she says Singie.

    • IronE: That is exactly it. You survive by any means necessary. There were a lot of moments in my life where I could have died or I could have ended up serving 20 years to life in prison. I overcame those things, those obstacles, because I listened and I obeyed that higher power that was speaking to me at the crucial moments in my life when it really counted. A lot of my friends didn't, and they ended up either going to prison and serving life terms or dying.

    • IronE: I think people who really know me know I'm not cocky or arrogant. I'd, actually, label myself to be a pretty humble...but confident individual when it comes to my craft of acting. And I would hope that that is the perception that others have of me. I've been acting for a long time. Therefore, I've put forth a diligent enough effort to possess the confidence that I have towards my craft.