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Irrfan Khan, originally named Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan, was born January 7th, 1967. Irrfan was born in Jaipur, India and has roots in television, theater and film. Prior to becoming an actor, Irrfan was pursuing his M.A. degree when he was awarded a scholarship to the National School of Drama in 1984. He has played roles in over 30 movies in Bollywood and Hollywood during his career and has been given the 4th highest civilian award in India, the Padma Shri Award. Some of his better known films are; The Warrior, Magbool, Metro and The Namesake. Khan is known nationally as well as internationally due to his many roles in films that are targeted at European countries. He has received the Filmfare award for Best Supporting Actor as well as secured several nominations in other categories. Khan has played roles on several serials on television and anchored the Star One show Mano Ya Na Mano.