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  • a great actress and person. deserves nothing but respect and praise. rip ms. sanford.

    she was a great actress and person. she deserves nothing but respect and praise. the jeffersons has always been one of my favorite shows, but i also admired her performance in "guess who's coming to dinner," which displayed a talent and craft equal to her co-stars, mr. poitier, ms. hepburn and mr. tracey. unfortunately, in later years she didn't have the roles she deserved. nevertheless, her contribution to tv and film is unquestionable. her grace, elegance and class were natural and something others with more money or opportunities could only hope to equal. by the way, i'm a 37 year-old white male so i think i'm a clear example of how she transcended age and color barriers. rip ms. sanford.
  • I think Isabel Sanford is amazing, she is just a wonderful person that you can't help but look up to. No matter what she has always carried herself as a lady,which is so inspiring to me

    Isabel Sanford was a true work of art. She overcame obsticals that most people would dare to tread. What a remarkable woman, separated she was able to raise 3 children and still persue her own dream of becoming an actress, which she dreamed of ever since she was a little girl. The only surviving child of 7 children, she was strong minded in her own right. What a wonderful person, on and off screene. Isabel true self was revealed to us through her character as Weezy. ONce again we should be ever so greatful to have graced the presence of such a wonderful woman.
  • childhood fave

    she was a great, as a kid in a small town sad to say I really didn't have much contact with African American people, I learned tolerance and acceptance, from this show and from Weezy, in particular..the world misses her talent, and I miss the first person I leaned acceptance from