Isabelle Huppert

Isabelle Huppert


3/16/1953, Paris, France

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Isabelle Huppert, born in Paris, France in 1953, is a Parisian actress who has starred in over 90 television and movie roles. She first appeared on-screen in 1972 in the French movie Faustine et le bel √t√, yet her appearance in the 1974 film Les Valseuses is what…more


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    • Isabelle Huppert: If I don't feel the movie is very original or has a good amount of potential, I don't do it. In the films I've done I can feel I'm part of a specific universe, but those sorts of opportunities are quite rare.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I like to work, that's for sure. And I also know what it means not to work. Sometimes it would be nice just to see life differently, rather than always through the prism of the screen. But for the moment that's the way it is.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I never feel I am playing characters. I play certain states, certain ranges of emotions, certain feelings. The contours of a character are something very vague.

    • Isabelle Huppert: It really helps you to go through difficult situations by just thinking about it as being a big amount of work which you have to solve how to do. For example, I don't feel very inspired when I act, I just act. That's it.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I'm not a very clear and direct person; I'm indirect. I don't attack things head-on. I like to portray women who resist, who have conflicts to resolve, and these are things that make for beautiful movies.

    • Isabelle Huppert: When you come to do the film, it is not the time to wonder why you do it. It's just how to do it.

    • Isabelle Huppert: In a very complex way, things have improved in the dramatic field. Before you had the good and the bad and you couldn't mingle them. Now it's more ambiguous.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I have attempted to keep this constant link between the films and roles I choose to do and my own persona. That's why it's so difficult to choose what film to do, and the people I work with. It's like there is no division between doing a film and your own life.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I don't try to sympathise with my characters, I just try to empathise with them. To try to understand. If I sympathised with the characters I would make idealised, romantic characters out of them, which I don't do. I don't realise them, I just do normal characters, not very sympathetic, but just the way they are. I think I do this in films that are made in the shape of a question, not in the shape of an answer. They just try to make a very open statement and it is down to anyone's subjectivity to find his own answer to that.

    • Isabelle Huppert: I don't believe one ever plays characters, one plays states of mind. A character is completely meaningless to me. One goes through states of mind and tries to link them together.

    • Isabelle Huppert: Acting is a way of living out one's insanity.