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  • I love Grey's anatomy. It has drama, style, flare, creativity, and, CONTROVERSY. However, I simply can't imagine a Burke-less GA.

    I mean, the whole thing that got people craving the show was the fact that it had two characters who in love with their bosses in two very different and seductive ways. Now your telling me that the person who's done everything right is actually human and it's a problem? .Don't get me wrong I strongly disagree with Washington's choice of language, angry or not. But let's be honest here, we all have said some things we shouldn't have when we thought nobody was listening. With all of the charaties and events he's attending it's pretty safe to say that he is not homophobic. He made a poor choice and is trying to make amends. I along with thousands maybe even millions of GA fans was totally outraged that he wouldn't be coming back at all....This not only changes the entire concept of the show but Millions of viewers attitudes about the show. Who is Yang without Burke? Hasn't she suffered enough? First with the miscarriage then being stood up with out a single proper hint of a goodbye? For those of you who might be a little peeved at my speaking about the characters as if they were real people, here's something for you... The guy wasn't making a "homophobic" slur out of hate of Knight's sexual orientation. He was upset with night as a person, not as a gay person. For this to have been made public and exxaggerated and heated up so much this could possibly hurt this man's career very much. I know that he's a television icon and that what he says makes a difference to those who can not form an oppinion for themselves, but he is first and foremost a person who makes mistakes. Give this Guy a break. This casting Dr. Hahn in place of Burke is ludicrous. Who in their right mind would want to be treated by a doctor who is only 2nd rate when they are accustomed to the First placer? This show has lost my respect and my faith in ever finding a good T.v. show worth rushing home to every thursday night. If it weren't for Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy would be cancelled due to such boring material. I think O'Malley should've been written off. He's indecisive, cowardly, and he had to repeat his intern year for crying out loud. Tell me that the only reason the producers invited him back was something other than the fact that he was the victim of Washington homophobic epithet and I'll tell you, you look great in rose colored glasses!
  • That something that always puzzle me, why do people really care what an actor think or do in his private life.

    I think Isaiah Washington was a great asset to the show and that it will be cripple a little form his absence. I actually don't care if he has prejudice what I care is that they take him out because people where more interest that he was a homophobic rather than a great actor. Yes I could say that he was wrong in bursting behind the scene with his collegue, when you are working you should leave your prejudice at home.
    But than who cares if the cast have settle that why do fan have to care. I recall once I read a comment from a fan of "Buffy" where she complain quite strongly on how bad was "Willow" playing a lesbian, she was so angry.
    Again if u don't like it don't look at it, just don't brag about it. Actor are there to make us dream, to make us feel. Not to become our friend of our god, they should be entitle to have a life full of mistakes like we do.
    I bet most of the people complaining about Washington do worse think, and fell good in blaming some one else.
    Isaiah you are a good actor and I m sure you will have chance to prove it. So keep going.
  • I know that there are a lot of people that think he is a bad guy for what happened on the set of Grey's Anatomy. I know that he his also referred to being egotistical and self centered.

    But I also think that that he is a great actor and does of charities that benefit many countries and even the United States. I think that he takes is job very serious where others don't. Other than that I will continue to follow his career and support his cause and his charities. Keep your head up brotha!!!
  • It's time to move on, Isaiah!

    Cut it out already, Isaiah! All your lashing out is not going to get you anywhere but blacklisted in the industry. I have now lost all respect for you as an actor. You made a mistake doing what you did, and people don't recover easily from that, despite all your best efforts. Give it up. You've got too much talent to keep holding your grudges and blaming everyone else. You won't get any more work, at the rate you're going. I, for one, won't be watching anymore.
  • Alumni form Willowridge High

    Good to see an Alumni for Willowridge High School in Texas make it. Isaiah plays a real good role in Grey's Anatomy. The role personality is pretty straight forward which fits him well. The press make to much of a issue about off camera events. I'm pretty sure he's not the only one that does. Not saying that it's right. Hope he can work it out with his boses. Would hate to see him leave the show due to attitude problems. For one thing he is amoung the few at Willowridge High who're in the public image. Do Mo City, Tx proud.
  • one of my personal fave actor!^^

    He's such a great actor in Grey's Anatomy, i hope he stays and story goes on, he and sandra oh are just the last pieces of puzzle fitting it into its place. He is talented and such, sad thing he did not get so many roles in big screen like the actor sharing the same surname, Denzel Washington. Personally, he is a marvellous actor! We all support you Isaiah!
  • He is a great actor, and a bigger bigot!

    You can actually see how good of an actor he is, specially during the lines he has with T.R. Knight
    I am still in shock! I can not believe he actually said what he said and ruined a wonderful night for all the cast of Grey's Anatomy.
    He has apologized already for saying this last year, and just to make sure no one forget what the whole thing is about, he says it again! Domestic abuse as it finest... I am so sorry... I won't do it again, please help me, and WHAM here I hit you again... Whatever he says regarding all these incidents means nothing, his actions speak loudly than words. I am sure his PR firm is about to kill themselves for not charging him 5 times their usual rate. He really can not control his mouth; he should ask Tom Cruise how he managed to shut up. I wish him the best, but I can't forget that he has spoiled Grey's Anatomy for me.
  • He's the man

    Isaiah is a wonderful actor who is very talanted and a very convincing in every role he plays. When he had the lead in the movie True Crime I really thought that he did an excellent job as the character. He was being put to death yet he remained caring and loving. Knowing he was innocent. When he plays Dr. Burke on Greys anatomy tv series he is so good at the character. He plays it to the fullest. He has unbelievable talent and should be used in many more films. He is a screen actor as well as a TV actor. His versitility is great. A true talent to us all.