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  • That something that always puzzle me, why do people really care what an actor think or do in his private life.

    I think Isaiah Washington was a great asset to the show and that it will be cripple a little form his absence. I actually don't care if he has prejudice what I care is that they take him out because people where more interest that he was a homophobic rather than a great actor. Yes I could say that he was wrong in bursting behind the scene with his collegue, when you are working you should leave your prejudice at home.
    But than who cares if the cast have settle that why do fan have to care. I recall once I read a comment from a fan of "Buffy" where she complain quite strongly on how bad was "Willow" playing a lesbian, she was so angry.
    Again if u don't like it don't look at it, just don't brag about it. Actor are there to make us dream, to make us feel. Not to become our friend of our god, they should be entitle to have a life full of mistakes like we do.
    I bet most of the people complaining about Washington do worse think, and fell good in blaming some one else.
    Isaiah you are a good actor and I m sure you will have chance to prove it. So keep going.