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  • I love Grey's anatomy. It has drama, style, flare, creativity, and, CONTROVERSY. However, I simply can't imagine a Burke-less GA.

    I mean, the whole thing that got people craving the show was the fact that it had two characters who in love with their bosses in two very different and seductive ways. Now your telling me that the person who's done everything right is actually human and it's a problem? .Don't get me wrong I strongly disagree with Washington's choice of language, angry or not. But let's be honest here, we all have said some things we shouldn't have when we thought nobody was listening. With all of the charaties and events he's attending it's pretty safe to say that he is not homophobic. He made a poor choice and is trying to make amends. I along with thousands maybe even millions of GA fans was totally outraged that he wouldn't be coming back at all....This not only changes the entire concept of the show but Millions of viewers attitudes about the show. Who is Yang without Burke? Hasn't she suffered enough? First with the miscarriage then being stood up with out a single proper hint of a goodbye? For those of you who might be a little peeved at my speaking about the characters as if they were real people, here's something for you... The guy wasn't making a "homophobic" slur out of hate of Knight's sexual orientation. He was upset with night as a person, not as a gay person. For this to have been made public and exxaggerated and heated up so much this could possibly hurt this man's career very much. I know that he's a television icon and that what he says makes a difference to those who can not form an oppinion for themselves, but he is first and foremost a person who makes mistakes. Give this Guy a break. This casting Dr. Hahn in place of Burke is ludicrous. Who in their right mind would want to be treated by a doctor who is only 2nd rate when they are accustomed to the First placer? This show has lost my respect and my faith in ever finding a good T.v. show worth rushing home to every thursday night. If it weren't for Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, Grey's Anatomy would be cancelled due to such boring material. I think O'Malley should've been written off. He's indecisive, cowardly, and he had to repeat his intern year for crying out loud. Tell me that the only reason the producers invited him back was something other than the fact that he was the victim of Washington homophobic epithet and I'll tell you, you look great in rose colored glasses!