Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher


2/3/1976, Muscat, Oman

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Isla Lang Fisher


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Isla Fisher was born to Scottish parents on February 3, 1976 in Muscat Oman. She grew up in Perth, Western Australia with her parents and four brothers. At an early age, she was already into acting and writing. When she was nine, she appeared in several Australian TV…more


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    • Isla: (defending her film Confessions of a Shopaholic) I do think this film gives out a good message. I think the message is about consumption and debt and it is something we are all learning about at the moment. Obviously the movie was set in a different economic period but it is a redemption story and my character Rebecca Bloomwood learns her lesson.

    • Isla: (on wearing five-inch heels while filming Confessions Of A Shopaholic to help her get into character) I thought, there's something funny about a shopaholic buying ridiculously high heels and tottering through the comedy. I thought it would be amusing. It was less amusing, actually, when I had to do it every day!

    • Isla: (following the birth of baby Olive) I definitely feel sexier after having Olive because even though everything's going south and essentially ruined, I feel like I'm a real women now. I'm a mum. I love being a mum, just love it.

    • Isla: (A few months after the birth of her first child, Olive) I love it when a beautiful designer dresses me. But these days, it's more like getting in the car and realising the burp cloth is still on my left shoulder.

    • Isla: (after getting engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen) All I know is that I've ruled out wearing fairy wings. When I was nine I wanted to get married in fairy wings, and now I realize that's not cool anymore.

    • Isla: (on writing and acting) I really love creating characters and I love following a structure. It's exciting, writing. Acting, you're told where to stand, what to say and you're always being cut out of the exciting bit, where you could go anywhere and do anything with any character.

    • Isla: (On doing the film "Definitely, Maybe") I loved the idea of doing a romantic comedy that wasn't formulaic and glossy. It felt like real people getting involved at different stages of their lives, and how important timing is.

    • Isla: I couldn't marry someone who doesn't have the same sense of humour as me. Humour's really important - it's the most important quality in a person.

    • Isla: It was great having red hair as a kid, because I had something to blame my temper on. Now I go for the same colour palette as Conan O'Brien. I did dye it blonde once, but it backfired, as I had nothing to blame my temper on anymore!

    • Isla: (revealing she would never work with fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen) God, no! I mean, how successful are married working relationships? Nicole and Tom split up after Eyes Wide Shut ... I feel like working together is the kiss of death.

    • Isla: When we met, Sacha [Baron Cohen] kept saying, 'Stand up, stand up.' And I said, 'I am.' Height doesn't matter - I'm so small, I'm a circus freak.

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    I have only ever seen Isla Fisher in Weddish Crashers and now that I realise it, Scooby Doo. According to my memmory she wedded Sasha Barron Cohen in the last year or so. She is a great acrtress, incredibly funny so it would be nice to see her in alot more.
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    Loved her in "Wedding Crashers" as Gloria, they nymphomaniac. Also, very good in "Scooby Doo."