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    • Ivan: (on the most difficult part of shooting "My Super Ex-Girlfriend") The fighting between the two women. Because you have to do that in very small pieces. And it was on a real street. Our New York wasn't a back lot. We tried to schedule it at a time when the weather would be better. Before Thanksgiving. And it snowed in October. Suddenly it was one of those freak weeks. It was that cold. It was freezing. And it was in the middle of the night. It was very painful to get through that whole thing. Also to try and find an original way to do that. So I came up with that spinning thing – creating some new look for that part.

    • Ivan: (asked if he watches films with special features) Absolutely… But I don't usually watch with commentary. Very rarely will I listen to anybody else's commentary, other than my own! Actually, I have never listened to my own commentary either. Because I like to watch the movies. But I do like to see everything else. I love the outtakes, especially. Because you learn a lot about the filmmaker and about what they were thinking when they were finishing the movie when you see what was left out. Inevitably, you agree with why those scenes aren't in. Because they're usually not that good! [Laughs].

    • Ivan: (on directing the film, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend") Romantic comedies are tough. Because you've seen all the moves. The rules are very strict. The rhythms of those stories are quite – and so to make one that's exceptional is very tough. I thought, well, OK, this one has an angle that I've never seen before. That first draft had a lot of comic book stuff in it. I just sort of stripped that down and sort of made the superhero stuff much more minimal – just enough to establish her as the character so that all of that romantic comedy interaction would be powerful and effective.