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She graduated from South Miami Senior High School. Then she became a communications arts major at St. Thomas University. While attending, she was awarded the Susan E. Sachs Scholarship by the Atlantic-Florida Chapter of The Association for Women in Communications. The award is given to top communications students,…more

Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She was one of the 6 people rejected to be on Big Brother 7.

    • She is one of the twenty nominees for Big Brother 7.

    • Ivette still keeps in touch with James.

    • She and Beau were the last pair.

    • During week 10, Ivette was nominated for her 2nd time.

    • During week 8, Ivette was nominated for her 1st time.

    • Ivette: She has no soul (what Ivette thinks about Janelle)

    • She appeared on Vh1's Big in 05 along with Howie,James and Kaysar

    • In a recent interview, Ivette had the following message for her fans I want to apologize to anyone I offended. If I offended anybody, that was not my intention. It's very difficult to even remotely imagine what it feels like to be in that house. It's very easy to criticize someone or base their opinion on something they see, but they don't sometimes understand what brings it out in people. But again, I want to apologize if offended anybody, and I hope that everybody was able to at least appreciate that I was able to make it to the final two by being truthful and not breaking any promises and just being true to myself.

    • Ivette told RealityTV.com that April and Jen are two peas in a pod. That's all I gotta say. I have heard the nastiest things from them. I would have been better off partnering with Janelle than with Jennifer and April.

    • When asked whether she belived that Janelle was really that good of a player or just perceived as one, Ivette replied I think it's a lot of mental image, but the girl knows the game. She truly knows the game. She went in there the best way possible. No attachments - or barely caring about the attachment that she had - not making any friends, I don't think she shed a tear once. You know?

    • In response to being asked by a RealityTV.com interviewer why Ivette said that Kaysar did not belong in the game since he was religous, Ivette replied Because he said all these things that the Muslim religion does not allow him to do, and yet, he's in a game that breaks all of these rules. As well, he went to the highest person in the Muslim religion at the mosque and he had a session with the person there. But he didn't exactly tell him what the show is about. So, that told me that he knows the show is wrong and doesn't belong with his religion, and that's why he couldn't say exactly what the show is about because they probably wouldn't have given him the blessing to go on the show. So to me, it was like, are you or are you not? Do you believe or do you not? You don't just bend the rules for this game!

    • After leaving the BB6 house, Ivette defended her loyalty to Eric by saying I honestly connected with Eric because he reminded me a bit of my brother. Maybe because of his age, and just the way he was sometimes, he did remind me of my brother. Now, I'm not hearing the best of things about Eric so I'm a little disappointed, but that just goes to show you how much heart and how much passion I have for people.

    • In an interview with RealityTV.com Ivette said that after leaving the BB6 house, she had realized th following about The Friendship. The people who I aligned myself with weren't the friendliest, and weren't the most supportive of me. So it's sad to see that I was so loyal to them and they had nothing in return for me, except for Beau.

    • Ivette: I'm stubborn, I'm outspoken, I'm very loud. Do you want me to continue?

    • Before entering the BB6 house, Ivette confirmed that her sexuality was "not a phase" and that she had been a lesbian for 10 years by then.

    • Ivette earned her one and only POV on episode 28 of BB6 and used it to remove herself from the block.

    • Ivette was placed up for eviction for a 3rd time in episode 27 of BB6 when Janelle nominated both her and Maggie.

    • According to her BB6 survey Ivette's favorite candy bar is Reese's Pieces.

    • According to her BB6 survey, Ivette's favorite snack is cookie dough ice cream.

    • According to her BB6 Survey, Ivette's favorite outdoor activity is bike riding.

    • The Association of Women in Communications (AWC) Susan E. Sachs Scholarship that Ivette received was worth $500.00.

    • At the time BB6 aired, Ivette was the godmother to an eight-year old girl.

    • Ivette is a diabetic.

    • The waitressing position Ivette held prior to entering the BB6 house was job at The Nexxt Cage in South Beach.

    • At the time that she was a communications arts major at St. Thomas University her goal was to become a TV news anchor.

    • Ivette was the first lesbian Big Brother contestant.

    • Ivette was the first Cuban Big Brother contestant.

    • Prior to BB6's season premier, Reality TV.com had speculated that Ivette's secret partner would be James, as he is also from Florida.

    • According to her BB6 survey, Ivette's favorite alchoholic drink is a Malibu Baybreeze.

    • According to her BB6 survey, Ivette's favorite non-alchoholic drink is Orangina.

    • Her favorite cookies are Oreo,chocolate chip, and Milano.

    • Her favorite cereals are Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops,and Corn Pops.

    • Her favorite genres of music are Hip-hop and R&B.

    • Her favorite sports are softball and vollyball.

    • Her hobbies include riding her scooter, shopping,and watching TV.

    • Her favorite actresses are Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts

    • Her favorite actors are Sean Penn, Johnny Depp,and Denzel Washington.

    • Her favorite tv shows are The L Word, Will & Grace,and The Inferno.

    • Her favorite sports Teams are anything Miami.

    • Her favorite bands are The Killers and The Neptunes.

    • Before appearing on Big Brother she was a waitress.

    • Was a member of the Friendship alliance during her stay in the Big Brother house

    • Big Brother Stats:

      Number of HoHs won: 2

      Number of Vetos won: 1

      Number of America's Choice won: 0

    • Her favorite move is Pretty Woman.

    • She is 5ft 6in tall.

    • She is Catholic and her astrological sign is Aquarius.

    • She calls her mother Worm(from the movie Friday).

    • Her girlfriend's name is Maggie but Ivette calls her Tush.

    • Ivette got 2nd place in Big Brother and won $50,000.

    • Beau and Ivette used to be co-workers and came into Big Brother as partners.

  • Quotes

  • Realizing her mistake too late.

    Though throughout the season I wasn't a huge fan of Ivette's, I did like her more then any of the other friendship.

    I think she probably does have a good heart, and let her emotions get the best of her. She doesn't seem to be one whom handles stress well.

    Sadly, she realized too late that she made a mistake in making the "friends" she did. She acted out in defense of them while they didn't ever come to her defense.

    We all make mistakes, and at least she can see she did. She still has a bit of a way to go yet (from reading her interviews) but I think in the end she'll see her errors much more clearly.moreless

    Ivette!! I wanted to say that I LOVE you hun!! I love the fact that you are out spoken!! I love the fact that you don\'t take any crap off anyone... I had you picked out from the beginning of BB6 to be in the final 2 and girl you did it!! I have a 3 year old daughter that was cheering for you as well.. \" GO Vet!!\" lol

    You are a very beautiful, strong, and smart woman, don\'t let any of this bad feed back get to you. Everyone has an opinion and they only got to see you on tv, they don\'t know you and who you are... I love ya girlie!! -Lustr0us LaShay-

    If things dun work out with you and tushy..look me up..lol (waves at tushy) mmuuahhhzzz