Iyari Limon

Iyari Limon


7/8/1976, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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Iyari Perez Limon, Iyari Limón
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Also credited as Lyrri Perez-Limon and Yari Limon. Iyari was born in Mexico, but soon moved to Southern California at the age of one. She speaks Spanish and English, and has appeared in both Spanish-language and English-language television shows. Iyari has played the role of "Kennedy" in Buffymore


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    • Iyari: My best friend said: Beautiful inside and out, fun, witty, sexy, driven, and whiney. (Ooh, I don't want to be whiney) My brother said: Doesn't really know because I'm not around a lot, but then went on to say I was spontaneous, funny, unpredictable, talkative and yet kind of to myself. Others would say smart, ambitious, fun, strong, and sweet. I've been getting sweet a lot, it feels strange to me. I think I'm nicer than I give myself credit for.

    • Iyari: I've always liked to be in control, and when I was younger I tended to be a little bossy. I have a strong character like Kennedy, but I'm also a lot more open, sweeter, and likeable than Kennedy. I just know what I want and I don't think that that's a bad thing. Kennedy has her guard up for a reason, and I can do that too, but all in all I love people and am very approachable. I also am very honest but not in a brutal in your face way that Kennedy can be.

    • Iyri: People have actually taken on Kennedy very well. They never forget Tara, but they've been great about it.

    • Iyari: I was actually quite happy with how the finale turned out. Although I was totally sad that Spike had to die. And Amanda. But sometimes the best stories have to have some kind of tragedy. Even if it meant that Kennedy might have been part of that tragedy. All in all, I thought it was well written, making me cry, laugh, and giving me hope at the same time. Every good story should do that. And besides, it left room for a potential spin-off someday. As for the Ken and Wil relationship, i think they are heading down a good road together, I think they're definitely good for each other. They'll be okay.

    • Iyari: You forgot vampire. I once played a vampire. It was indeed one of the most fun roles I've ever had, ahhh memories... oh right, the question. Well, I'd love to be some sort of being from the future, perhaps bald, who can act as a chameleon being many different things, and perhaps has super powers, whilst speaking through clicking sounds or telepathy... oh oh oh wait I just remembered, how could forget this? I'd love to take on a mentally and/or physically challenged character. That's it. That's my challenge and what I'd love to do, perhaps with Robin Williams.

    • Iyari: I'm taking an acting class,trying to change my eating habits, painting and redocorating my place, I'll probably take up some sort of dance like mambo or swing, and possible martial arts or boxing, visiting Mickey, my mom, beach, interviews like this one, etc. There is never enough time in the day.

    • Iyari: Alyson is very sweet. And Sarah, she's cool. But I probably hang out with Indigo a lot, and James. Sometimes, he'll get out his guitar, and he'll share a couple songs with us, which is great. It's been such an honor to work with everyone. It's just been so great. I've been really happy.

    • Iyari: Kennedy's very different from Tara. Kennedy's not here to replace anybody or anything like that. She's just different. Hopefully, it will bring out a different side of Willow, so she won't be so sad anymore.

    • Iyari: This is another huge thing. I was married before.

    • Iyari: The Buffy fans are the most loyal fans, I just love them, and I thought it's like I have a responsibility now. And I know whatever I do, whatever I choose to work on, they're going to be following it and they're going to be watching it. If I can't leave my fans and friends with something that inspires them or some kind of positive message, then I can't do it. So I said no because though it would have been fun, there wasn't one thing in there that was meaningful in some way. So I didn't do it and it felt good.

    • Iyari: I got the role on Buffy, and when I got it I didn't know where it was going. All I knew is that I was gay and I was flirting with Willow. That's all I knew. And after I auditioned, my manager said, 'You know you're going to have to kiss a girl.' And I said, 'Well it's a little late because I already auditioned so why are you even telling me?

    • Iyari: It all started becoming very clear. I have to be honest with myself and admit that I wanted the attention and I wanted the fame. But then you start to learn what it really is and you grow this love, appreciation and respect for the art and it goes beyond the ego part.

    • Iyari: I love, admire and respect Meryl Streep, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, and Robin Williams (I hope to work with him someday!) The two other people closer to my age who I find myself looking up to would be Natalie Portman and Milla Jovovich. I also dig Kirsten Dunst.

    • Iyari: (about her Christmas trip to Peru) It was great. I hiked the Amazon, I slept in hammocks in the jungle, fished for piranhas, got attacked by mosquitoes, climbed Machu Picchu on New Year's Day, did a ritual with a Shaman on the Amazon, I did it all. And I only had a backpack. Just me, my friend Paula and our backpacks, not knowing where we were going next.

  • i love the character of kennedy i love how they put her and willow together, they were my favourite characters of the last season

    the last season was great how they brought in the potentials, i love kennedy, she is so good in that role, i love that they didnt kill her off in the end, i wished they had more of kennedy in the final season, i also loved how they gave willow another love interest, i was sad when tara died, but was even happier when they brought in kennedy. i was a bit sad when they killed off anya, she would have to have been one of my favourite characters from when they originally brought her into the series, i was very sad when they killed her offmoreless
  • Iyari is are really strong actress and person! She should have her own show!

    Iyari is funny, smart, and extreamly talented! Her role as Kennedy was brillant! She brought a great energy to the show. Kennedy has becomed a loved character and this is coming from a Willow and Tara fan!! Apart from her time on Buffy, she is a great person! She is witty and charming. Her honesty is shown in her interviews, which she answers with a special way that I have never seen before! Iyari is original! She could hold up her own show! And personly, I think that she should have one by now!! Iyari Limon is witty, sexy, and charming!! I hope to see her in the future!moreless