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  • Trivia

    • J. enjoys living a pampered life, getting manicured and pedicures, receiving massages, and sitting in peace in a hot tub of bubbles and water.

    • J. would pick Shandi from season 2 of America's Next Top Model to be stranded on a deserted island with.

    • J. doesn't believe that plus-sized models have a fair advantage on America's Next Top Model, and has suggested that they receive their own show.

    • J. has been friends with Tyra and her mother since she was 16 years old. He met her backstage at a runway show, and started to give her backstage lessons. The two kept in touch over the years, and became great friends.

    • J. has a five year old son that loves to play with shoes.

    • J. started out in life wanting to be an accountant, but decided that it was 'too confining'.

    • J. is so popular in the cut-throat world of fashion modeling because he has compassion and patience with the beginning models, coupled with his outlandish sense of style.

    • J.'s favorite part of the business is traveling the world for charity events and modeling competitions.

    • J. is a preferred contact and 'go to' expert for well known designers, such as: Bill Blass, Valentino, Chanel, and Nina Ricci.

    • J. has been casting and coaching runway models since 1991, including Naomi Campbell and Kimora Lee.

    • J. started his career in coaching models by chance. He would watch them walk the runway, and think of ways to improve their style. One night after a show, he just went ahead and offered his opinion, and the model was receptive as well as grateful. From then on, he kept adding to his services.

    • J. met the then-president of Elite Model Management, Monique Pillard while he was in drag. She was so impressed with his look that she sent him to Tokyo to model.

    • J. started his career by strutting the runway in New York City for top designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

    • J. credits his mother for his feminity, saying that it all started when his mother put on his Christening gown as a baby.

    • J. is a former model and entertainer who spends his time teaching the next class of aspiring supermodels to walk gracefully and with attitude.

    • J. is also known as 'Miss J.' and 'Queen of The Catwalk'.

  • Quotes

    • J.: It's not my place to put anyone down, I am put here to build their egos up. I feel for them when the models trip or flub-up, and I try hard to contain my laughter. But child...sometimes I just gotta laugh.

    • J.: Sometimes, I am just leafing through my magazine on a plane, and see a phrase that is unusual that I could throw in the next time I am teaching the ladies how to strut. That's how I come up with so many different catch-phrases.

    • J.: I don't do anything for television, what's on my mind is on my tongue.

    • J: I've always been this way—running around in drag with eye makeup on...As a kid, coming out of my house in the projects, changing in the back of a taxi, putting on the high heels and the lipstick and climbing out in full drag—or getting on the 6 train to go downtown to Studio 54, trying to get in.

    • J. Alexander: When I look at a girl, I'm looking at her for body, for movement. She can be as ugly as the bottom of my shoe, but if she can walk, and have confidence, and look good, that's all that matters for this. You can turn that ugly into beauty.

  • Completely repulsive, he looks like a spider monkey dressed in drag. The most ugliest foulest looking human on television. Annoying as ****!!!

    Who comes up with kind of freak to be on television? Absolutely appalling, to look at and hear this human-spider monkey tranny on television. The attitude that his person has is delusional. Nobody is speaking up to tell the truth of what this gross individual is - a complete eyesore, ridiculous attitude that this sub-human is not worth putting on television or any other source of media. This creature has thoughts that its some where up there on a level of models? OMG - this person looks like a freak of nature and is scary as **** to the general population. I hate looking at his face and hearing his voice... he's a dredge of society and should be flushed away!!!moreless
  • Miss Jay the best judge ever.

    I love Miss Jay. He's so funny and everytime I see him in makeovers, he always gets one making it so fun. His runway teaching is so mysterious. He's my favorite judge over Tyra for he's funny and also very cool. His makeovers are like so edgy and exciting. He really has critiques too but he's a little softer and "Fashion has no sympathy or empathy." "You know what they say about big hands, big gloves." Miss Jay really works the runway and really has weird hairstyles like straightened and just last cycle he outshined Whitney and really works it out.moreless