J. August Richards

J. August Richards


8/28/1973, Washington, D.C.

Birth Name

Jaime Augusto Richards III



Also Known As

Jaime Richards, Jaime Augusto Richards III
  • J. August Richards, Melissa Sagemiller, ...
  • J. August Richards in the Raising the Ba...
  • J. August Richards in the Raising the Ba...
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Jaime discovered his love for acting at an early age, he enrolled in a performing arts high school and was in several plays each year. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he attended the University of Southern California and began working extensively in film, television, and…more


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    • J. August Richards: (on his role as Charles Gunn on Angel) Gunn is an activist, a renegade vampire hunter who leads his motley crew of fellow hunters on a personal crusade of execution for reasons that the audience is not yet aware of. He is a tormented soul and a lone ranger, much like Angel, but he has adopted a family of lost and disenfranchised who he will protect at any cost. It's almost like he's two people in one, a violent and aggressive warrior, but also someone who desires family and people close to him.

    • J. August Richards: (about his character on Angel) Gunn, like me, has a James Bond obsession. He would love to be James Bond, and it's a great role that I would love to be, someday.

    • J. August Richards: (on his role as Charles Gunn on Angel) What's ironic is that I don't think race ultimately had anything to do with me getting the part. When I auditioned, I heard that they were looking at white guys, Latino guys, Asian guys, so they didn't know where they were going with it.

    • J. August Richards: (on his role as Charles Gunn on Angel) I don't think my parents were too happy when I announced that I wanted to be an actor. And then when I told them I was starring in a show about vampires, they were like, "Couldn't you at least get a role as a nice lawyer or something." My Mom always wanted me to be a lawyer or a priest. I think they were a little bit surprised by my career choice.

    • J. August Richards: (on his role as Charles Gunn on Angel) Everybody on the set is fantastic and there are so many interesting people. I absolutely love working with David Boreanaz, and Charisma Carpenter I completely adore -- she teaches me to dance. She's definitely one of my favorite people on the set. And Alexis Denisof is such a dynamic actor. He's phenomenal. There is so much I can see happening to this character [Gunn], it makes me excited to think about all the ways he can branch out. Charles is a fantastic character. I really love his spirit. He's so pure and clean and unaffected. I love the extent to which he goes to protect the people he loves. I find that fascinating and admirable.

  • Gorgeous, very capable

    A very talented, capable actor. Looking forward to seeing him in feature films. Loved him on "Angel". Have yet to see "Raising the Bar", but I'm sure he's great. Has a good background in the arts. Much more accomplished than what is listed here. I'm sure he'll show tremendous growth as he takes on more roles. Would like to see him play more challenging characters. I see him as someone whose depth and range has not been tapped yet. I think he should try some indie avenues, with more complex character work. Ultimately, I believe he's a natural. And with a little careful career planning, could be one of the greats...I wish him much success.moreless
  • Was a great Actor

    Charles Gunn, a hunter that kills dead vampires. Well Angel meets up with him, but Gunn figures out what Angel is, and doesn't want anything to do with him, but Gunn's sister later gets captured by Vamps and eventually Gunn has to kill her, Gunn eventually joins Angel Investigations. Richards I think played Gunn well and he isn't the worst actor I have ever seen as well.