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J.D. Pardo

J.D. Pardo


Panoroma City, CA

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JD Pardo
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A Ford Model worldwide, JD has appeared in ads for Sketchers and Tommy Hilfiger. He had a long-running role in the NBC hit "American Dreams in 2004. He starred as Jose Marquez in the CBS show "Clubhouse." (And he's sexy--let's not forget.)


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  • As i understand he is a model, but he also starred in tv series the clubhouse, americam dreams, veronica mars, and in havoc , supercross.

    I never heard of J.D. Pardo before I accidentally stumbled upon the clubhouse. He grabbed my attention from the start. His character seemed kind of an idiot to begin with but turned out to be really sweet, and the fact that J.D is absolutely gorgeous helped a lot. I don’t know why the show was not successful, but I would definitely like to see J.D in other movies. He became my personal favorite character. I heard that he did played in other show but I didn’t manage to see them.It’s always nice to discover a cutie in nice tv show.moreless