J.G. Hertzler

J.G. Hertzler


3/18/1950, Savannah, GA

Birth Name

John Garman Hertzler



Also Known As

John Hertzler, John Noah Hertzler, John Garman Hertzler, J.G. Hertzler, John G. Hertzler
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • J.G. worked as a Hanson cab driver.

    • During a dinner theater production of Cabaret in which he played a Nazi, J.G. found himself distressed to be collecting checks from patrons with concentration camp numbers tattooed on their arms while he was wearing an S.S. uniform, and asked to become a bartender instead.

    • Since his father was in the Air Force, J.G. was raised in numerous places: Texas, Casablanca, Omaha, and Maryland.

    • J.G. worked in the Nixon Administration for the National Environmental Policy Act.

    • J.G. holds a graduate degree in set design from the University of Maryland.

    • J.G. Hertzler: (on acting) I don't believe that there is truly an artistic loss between theater and film. There's a lot of craft differences, but emotionally, aesthetically, there's not. Great filmmaking is great theater, and great television is great theater. Bad theater proliferates - bad theater is everywhere in this country - and there is certainly bad TV and bad filmmaking, but you shoot for greatness all the time. Frankly, theater is the art form of the 19th century. Once film was discovered, it basically performed the same fuction that theater had performed. The difference is that it isn't live, so each performance is always identical. With theater, performances change, because you have the extra character, being the audience, which bends your performance.

    • J.G. has only appeared in two major films during his entire career. In 1975, with Pacino, And Justice For All ... and in 1997, with Christopher Walken, called The Prophecy II.

    • J.G. Hertzler: We're in a very strange time now, that's causing a great deal of dislocation and disorientation, as had to be the case with the Industrial Revolution. The Information Age is basically putting an entire country out of work. We don't manufacture anything except information. That's a tremendous disorientation for society, not withstanding every other problem that we have. Who we are right now is a good question. What's a blue collar? We don't have money in the 24th century - YEAH!

    • J.G. is a 25-year veteran of the legitimate stage.

    • J.G. appeared in the TV commercial for Chrysler PT Cruiser in 2001.

    • Good-natured, yet violent outbursts against furniture seem to be a specialty of J.G.'s. During an interview for a German public access channel he demonstrated what an outside linebacker (his position in college football) is, by suddenly throwing a table over.

    • When J.G. auditioned for the role of Martok for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), the casting director told him to show more anger so he threw a chair at a wall. The display cost him a thumbnail, but won him the role.

    • J.G. is a major supporter of the: "Scleroderma Research Foundation" - his father died of the disease.

    • J.G. recorded the album Kling Bling with Robert "Gowron" O'Reilly ... the entire album is rap music done entirely in the Klingon language.

    • J.G. is best friends with fellow Klingon actor Robert O'Reilly. They appear frequently together at scifi conventions.

    • After high school J.G. played for Bucknell University as left defensive and outside linebacker.

    • While at university, J.G. was very active in the anti-war movement against the fighting Vietnam.

    • J.G. is a well known environmental activist.

    • J.G. is of Amish descent.

    • J.G. co-authored the Star Trek books: Left Hand of Destiny 1&2 which were based on his DS9 character, General/Chancellor Martok.

    • J.G.'s career has spanned the United States from Broadway to Los Angeles, appearing in over fifty Shakespearean productions at the Guthrie, ACT in San Francisco, The Folger Theatre and festivals from Maine to New Jersey to California.

    • J.G. supports the creation of a Deep Space Nine movie or other special production.

    • J.G. was a Hirogen hunter on Star Trek: Voyager in the episode Tsunkatse which also starred Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock".

    • J.G. has played four different characters on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: the recurring Klingon character Martok, the changeling Laas, a man named Roy Rittenhouse, and the Vulcan Captain of the USS Saratoga in the first epsiode, Emissary.

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