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  • Overrated half-hit wonder

    The first four seasons of "Alias" were great. The first six episodes of "Lost" were amazing. "Cloverfield" was good. Everything else he has done has been utter garbage. He is a one-hit wonder at best and incredibly overrated. I cannot fathom why some people blindly rave about everything he does; those people put the fanatic (zealot) in "fan". He single-handedly ruined the 35-year-old "Star Trek" franchise. . *must* stop being given work because he has repeatedly proven that he is *not* talented; he merely got lucky briefly.

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  • If brilliance could take a physical form, then I am writing a review on him.

    Good? Nope. Excellent? Getting there... Perfect? Good enough, though still not an accurate term for his writing/directing/production skills.
    The guy created LOST. 'nuff said.

    It is going to be difficult to critique him, as I don't think there are many words that can accurately describe him. He is awesome. He is perfect. We'll have to invent a new word. And that word shall be... Awefect.

    Abrams is so Awefect, that, hypothetically, God prays to Abrams. Abrams can shoot things by pointing his finger at it and yelling bang. Abrams can (insertchucknorrisjokehere).

    And that awefect description is correct. From LOST to Alias to Armageddon to Star Trek, this guys creative ability is on par, if not better than, me.

    Seriously, if you haven't watched one of his shows, just shoot yourself. Just leave and kill youself and die. Just, just go. Seriously.
  • Never Puts A Foot Wrong...

    When you look at TV shows in the last decade its hard not to notice some of JJ Abrams shows that have given fresh air to American drama/ sci-fi/ action series, The first show I watch was of course Lost, this show is fantastic and it is in my opinoin Abrams best work to date although he has also created Fringe which might just become one of the best shows out there next year after a fantastic and mind blowing finale. He has also worked on Alias which I have seen and liked but I never got round watching the full series but I would like to. Abrams has recently went onto films and his work so far has been entertaing to say the least, MI:3 was a fun action movie, Cloverfield was a very exciting movie that I could watch over and over again and Star Trek was fantastic. JJ Abrams is one of my favourite men in the business and I cant wait to see what he does next.
  • JJ Abrams is the brains behind many wonder ful shows such as Alias, Lost and mission: impossible 3!! He is a talented director and a god in the film industry.

    JJ Abrams is for me, the best diretor at the moment. He is very precise about what he wants and how he wants the overall episode or film to look like at the end. He has amazing respect for his collegues and is always willing to listen to any ideas anyone in reguards to the episode or film he is shooting.
    At such a young age he has accumplised so much and i can see him being around for many more years!!!
    He is the creator of my favourite tv programme Alias and he manged to make each episode into a short film with its breathtaking action sequences, out-standing stunts and wonderful special effects!!
    He is a true talent with an amazing eye (or should i say brain) for award winning tv programmes!!!
  • J.J abrams, hat trick hero with the creation of the brilliant t.v series felicity, lost and alias. The greatest writer/creator of television in the last ten years alongside Joss Whedon.

    J.J abrams, hat trick hero with the creation of the brilliant t.v series felicity, lost and alias. The greatest writer/creator of television in the last ten years alongside Joss Whedon.

    Felicity was the perfect romantic comedy/drama. Fantastic writing, amazing acting, nearly flawless! one of the greatest shows of all time, no matter what anyone says. And Shawn and Javier are two of the funniest characters ever developed.

    Alias, while not a personal favourite, is or I should say was a original and creative television series that at times had me on the edge of my seat. It laid the ground work for J.J's tour-de-force (i think thats how you say it) Lost.

    Lost is the most original t.v show of all time. Brilliantly written, never dull, always entertaining it is a contender for greatest show of all time.

    J.J abrams - in plain and simple terms is a genius!

    Need I say more? He's a freakin TV genius...

    Felicity: If you've gone through college you realize just how incredible and on target this show was. The way JJ can make you bounce back and forth between Ben and Noel, who should she be with...Felicity's interactions with her new found friends, her crazy roommate, her gay boss...everything was just incredible!

    ALIAS: Uhhhhhhhh, need I really give an explanation?!? If any of you have seen this show you realize just how intricate and amazing his imagination is...

    LOST: Same as above! To be able to tie everything together so well, to be able to constantly surprise the audience, throw in new twists, keep the show from being completely ridiculous, and most of all, his ability to connect every character in a subtle, almost not noticeable way that really makes your jaw drop.

    What About Brian: Looking to be JUST like Felicity, but focusing on the after college years, and a male version of Felicity. I'm very excited!

    Justice: Can't WAIT to see Victor Garber again! I'm hoping for ALIAS star cameos. I loved the way Megan and Sean from Felicity were on ALIAS, and how Marshall from ALIAS was originally on Felicty for an episode or two(Especially since his character on Felicity was connected to Megan, who later married Marshall on ALIAS!!!) and Weiss' appearance, however minimal on LOST...and who can forget Locke, both on LOST and ALIAS...it's GREAT!!!!!

    P.S. I've also heard that MI3 is like an ALIAS movie, just a different star... = )
  • i hadn't heard much about j.j abrams before lost but he must be a master of suspense because all of the storylines are gripping and interesting.

    i hadn't heard much about j.j abrams before lost but he must be a master of suspense because all of the storylines are gripping and interesting.

    I never watched alias but i might now because if it is anywhere near how good lost is, then it must be good. james
  • If J.J.Abrams created Lost, then he must be one of the best tv writers ever, as Lost is one of the most addictive, mysterious programs i have ever encountered.

    I have not seen many programs written by J.J.Abrams but i have seen Lost, and for someone who's never bothered to watch it, WATCH IT! Lost is the most mysterious, addictive programs i have ever encountered! With more problems and mysteries unravelling, you begin to wonder whether the island is not a new dimension...So basically, he is one of the best tv writers!
  • He created Felicity, Alias and Lost... I don't think I need to say anything else...

    JJ Abrams is the creator of two of my favourite series of all times: Alias and Lost.
    His talent to grasp the audience's interest from the beggining is amazing, as well as his ability to change, alternating drama, action and Science Fiction.
    However some plots seem to be recurring. In all his three series there is a love triangle hard to choose from (despite other plots where we all know how it's going to end...)
    Furthermore he seems to have sort of a obsession for numbers. In Alias the number 47 was hidden everywhere. Now in Lost "The Numbers" (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42) are one of the biggest misteryes.