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  • If brilliance could take a physical form, then I am writing a review on him.

    Good? Nope. Excellent? Getting there... Perfect? Good enough, though still not an accurate term for his writing/directing/production skills.
    The guy created LOST. 'nuff said.

    It is going to be difficult to critique him, as I don't think there are many words that can accurately describe him. He is awesome. He is perfect. We'll have to invent a new word. And that word shall be... Awefect.

    Abrams is so Awefect, that, hypothetically, God prays to Abrams. Abrams can shoot things by pointing his finger at it and yelling bang. Abrams can (insertchucknorrisjokehere).

    And that awefect description is correct. From LOST to Alias to Armageddon to Star Trek, this guys creative ability is on par, if not better than, me.

    Seriously, if you haven't watched one of his shows, just shoot yourself. Just leave and kill youself and die. Just, just go. Seriously.