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  • Never Puts A Foot Wrong...

    When you look at TV shows in the last decade its hard not to notice some of JJ Abrams shows that have given fresh air to American drama/ sci-fi/ action series, The first show I watch was of course Lost, this show is fantastic and it is in my opinoin Abrams best work to date although he has also created Fringe which might just become one of the best shows out there next year after a fantastic and mind blowing finale. He has also worked on Alias which I have seen and liked but I never got round watching the full series but I would like to. Abrams has recently went onto films and his work so far has been entertaing to say the least, MI:3 was a fun action movie, Cloverfield was a very exciting movie that I could watch over and over again and Star Trek was fantastic. JJ Abrams is one of my favourite men in the business and I cant wait to see what he does next.