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    • J.K. Simmons: Be here now. It's something that I continue to tell myself: to appreciate the moment, to live life as it is happening, not dwell on the past, not be too anxious about the future but to do my best to be here now.

      Take care of yourself: Eat your vegetables. Get some exercise. Floss. Use your turn signal. I know that has nothing to do with taking care of yourself. It's just a pet peeve of mine. I needed to get that off my chest. Be on time. Please have the decency to not make people wait for you.

      Take your telephone and use it to make a telephone call. Call an old person. Call your mom. Call your dad.

    • [On his Character J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man]
      J.K. Simmons: The more I read the comics books, I thought, "You gotta have the wig, and you gotta have the mustache." And this guy's always baring his big square teeth, so I got prosthetic teeth, too.

    • [On if he ever considered wearing a hair piece]
      J.K. Simmons: I was once counseled not to be seen without hair if I waned to be a leading man. So I had a piece made, and I wore it for a few auditions, but I could never bring myself to wear it in real life. I was never Brad Pitt movie-star handsome. I've always been a character actor waiting to happen.

    • [On what his wife thought of his character Verne Schillinger]
      J.K. Simmons: I would come home with my swastika tattoos because keeping them on saved twenty minutes in the makeup the next morning. I had a hard time pulling my head out of Oz, and she's said there were times when I wasn't the most fun guy to sleep with.

    • [On his role in The Closer]
      J.K. Simmons: For a 50-year-old bald guy to even be considered as a possibility of a romantic interest is kind of fun and different.