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    • JR Bourne: (when asked about his favorite episode or day of filming on Stargate SG-1) Yeah. All the days on set kind of stick out in my mind. I think when we went to hell -- that episode -- "The Devil You Know," that's right, and "Jolinar's Memories." I think those two were among my favorites, because we went on the space ship and jettisoned down to the planet. And I wasn't in the Tok'ra outfit. Which was never really one of my favorite things to put on. I much preferred to be in the SG outfit.

    • JR Bourne: I'm hoping diversity. I don't mind playing bad guys, but I love having the opportunity to play all different types of characters. I'm on the path right now and plan to journey further on it. I finished a comedy at the top of this year called The Truth About Miranda (name may change), the heroin movie I finished the end of last year, I'm currently shooting two pilots right now...one for Fox called Still Life where I play a political aid, and one for Universal/CBS called Century City where I guest star in this pilot playing the lead singer of a boy band...then it's off to Edmonton to shoot a prequel to a movie called Ginger Snaps, which is set in the 1700's where I play a bit of a smarmy little character.