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  • JNICKP is a **** ****

    get the **** out of here JNICKP, if went through what ja did you wouldnt be here you ****ing gay **** go **** your mum you ignorant peace of **** better yet go jump of some tall building and you'll do us all a favour.. you dnt know **** about hiphop so get the **** out of here, Ja has his own style and **** ass dumbasses like you who say hes immitating DMX and Tupac need to be shot for their ignorance and stupidity. you ****ing ****
  • empty

    Wow! So Ja Rule is a movie star. From hard core rapper to movie star. Well, I have to admit that in the small parts that he has played, Ja has acted decently. He was especially cool in "The Fast and the Furious."
  • He has very little talent has no style, and when I say NO STYLE, I mean he has no style of his own. He's a mimic, an imitator. AND NOT VERY GOOD AT IT I MIGHT ADD. He's just a Tupac/DMX wannabe really.

    Can't believe He made it to the big time. Gotta' hand it to him though, give credit where it's due. He's doing well. Not to shabby I must say. Good for you, Ja. Congats. But with that out of the way... Well like I said he's just a 2Pac/DMX/50 Cent wannabe. But lucky for him he's rich so I guess he's doing a little better than that BENZINO character. And the voice. Ohhh, the voice! how do describe that loud, terrible noise? He sounds like a animal with strep throat gargling a mouthful of cum. Get the dick out of your mouth man! And he honestly reminds me of a pitbull puppy I had. His face I mean. Man that's an ugly mug. Jeeze... How can he get the girls he gets man? Lucky fucker. Life's not fair.