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  • She changes her accent like I change my jeans!

    I love her in Zero Hour. I was really put off when ABC cancelled the show mid season. So glad to see it back for the summer. Hope it stays around this time! I love the twists and turns we have to go through. And the surprises! I can't say enough....
  • Very sweet girl with good taste and is even more attractive in person.

    When working with Jacinda she is just as busy as any oscar winning actress but still takes the tim eto be kind to those around her. I managed to talk with her very briefly and found her to be very considerate. She treated me well and I cannot emphasize how beautiful she is in person. Unfortunately my time with lasted a femto second but I am glad I had the opportunity. With a dazzeling smile and polite demeanor she stole my heart and left my pining away in a matter of a second, with that attitude I have reason to believe that she will go far and continue to perform well for her adoring fans.
  • Started off on Real World but has studied acting and now has gone on to landing more serious acting roles

    She is extremely under-rated actress that has studied and worked hard to make transcission from Reality TV star to bonified movie actress. She landed the part of The Human Stain which clearly showed her acting talent and won her Breakthough of The Year Award from Hollywood Movieline and from there went on to land part in Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason where she played a gay character. Then she landed the lead female role of Joaquin Phoenix's wife in Ladder 49 and opposite John Travolta. She can show all range of emotion and has comic flair as well. The year 2006 should really be her year to shine as she has a number of movies coming out, Poseidon, The Last Kiss, The Namesake, and School for Scoundrels. Hopefully her star will keep on rising as she gets to play a variety of parts