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  • Trivia

    • Jack Bender's first directing job was on the television series Eight is Enough, for which he only directed one episode.

    • Jack Bender has directed 24 episodes of Lost as of the end of Season 4. This is the most among all of directors the show has had.

    • Jack Bender has recieved the "Special Thanks" credit only seven times from a television show. All seven came from Lost after a recap episode.

    • Jack Bender has directed 57 television shows to date.

    • His dog is called "Lulu" Bender, short for "Ms. Honolulu". Lulu is often on the set of Lost, and avoided rules for restricting animals from sets by being cast in "I Do", although Lulu was not visible in the final cut of that episode.

    • Another of Jack's daughters, Hannah Owens-Bender, age 20, was arrested by Honolulu Police in May 2006 for second-degree theft and drug violations.

    • In 2006, he directed the opening splash reel for the 2006 Hawaii International Film Festival. He chose Dann Seki to star as a Japanese tourist. Seki had previously worked with Bender in the episode "Numbers".

    • Jack's daughter Sophie Owens-Bender briefly appeared as one of the few female Santa Rosa patients in the episode "Dave".

    • Jack has also done acting work and apeared in an episode of All In the Family.

    • Jack's nickname, given by the Lost crew is Bender.

    • Jack and his fellow "Lost" producers have been nominated for a "Producer's Guild Award" in the category of episodic tv-Drama.The awards will take place on the 20th January 2007.

    • Jack wrote the lyrics for the song "Get Dead" in the movie The Midnight Hour.

    • Jack is 5'11" tall.

    • Jack co-starred in "The Million Dollar Duck".

    • Jack won a Golden Globe award for directing season 1 of "Lost".

    • Jack has done lots of the painting and designing for "Lost" including the "Hatch" painting.

    • Jack has done the DVD audio commentry on many of the "Lost" episodes such as "Man Of Science, Man Of Faith" and "Dave".

    • Jack has often called "Lost" creator J.J. Abrams a genius.

    • Jack won an "Emmy" for directing "Lost"'s season 2 finale "Live Together, Die Alone."

    • Jack has directed or produced more "Lost" episodes than any other director.

    • Jack loves painting and has been doing it since he was 14 years old. He is also responsible for creating the mural in the hatch.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: (About "Lost") We get these scripts, like two episodes down the road, you start to think about "How are we going to do this?" and "Can we do a bridge?" and "Can we do this?" So, we start thinking about things, production-wise, how we can realize them. And the 'Black Rock' was one of those things.

    • Jack: (About the hatch on "Lost") Directorially, I love the idea of it being round. Because I knew that whoever was sitting at that computer, we were going to be able to be doing a lot of movement around them, and that was the central core of that set.

    • Jack: Whenever we're shooting Lost, we can't get too hysterical about what we're doing in terms of pressure.

    • Jack: (Referring to a scene on "Lost") At one point, when we launched the raft, I said to our dog trainer, "Does she like the ocean?" And she said, "Yes, if I'm out there." And I said, "OK, I want him to swim as if he's following the raft." And, God bless the dog, and Kim the trainer, she got out on the raft, and the dog swam out, turned around at one point... "Go back, Vincent, go back!" It was wonderful. So for every dog lover in America, and I include myself high on the list, it's going to be a major moment.

    • Jack: We found that working with boars is tricky, and they're not... you can only train them so much. And we couldn't bring any quote-end-quote "trained boars" over from the States. It was too expensive. So we thought we'd go local, because there are boars here, which is why they were written in.

    • Jack: Lost is such a challenge to get every episode different to the last.

    • Jack: I start seeing shots, I start getting ideas for transition, but I don't try to impose how I'm going to shoot it.

    • Jack: I love the show and all the people I work with here. (Referring to "Lost".)

    • Jack: Well I've been painting since I was fourteen years old.

    • Jack: Season 3 is going to have action, a little more romance and adventure, so it's going to be bigger and above ground more. (Referring to "Lost")