Jack Blessing

Jack Blessing


7/29/1951, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Jack Blessing


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  • "I'm gonna kill MacGillicudy today..."

    Jack Blessing is a versatile actor with television roles, in comedy and drama alike, for over twenty years.

    One of his most popular was as the office drone MacGillicudy at the Blue Moon Detective Agency on 'Moonlighting.' We never got to learn his first name. Nor were we quite certain what it is he did. But rest assured, he did something. Mentioned briefly in the second year of the show, he assumed an actual on-screen presence in season three. Mac was a newlywed in the episode 'The Man Who Cried Wife.' (He and his wife are not the couple of the title.) Sadly, the honeymoon did not last long: a divorce ensued in the following season, and the man set out to pursue secretary Agnes Dipesto. Problem was, one obstacle stood in his way: accountant and sometime assistant detective, Herbert Viola, who styled himself Agnes' boyfriend already. The two gentlemen embarked on a vicious rivalry that bordered on comic opera. Blessing has also appeared on 'Remington Steele,' 'Amen,' 'The George Lopez Show,' 'Brooklyn South' and 'Murder One,' among many other shows. In recent years, he has tended more toward drama. However, Blessing remains one of those people whom it's fun to watch in just about anything.moreless