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    S 1 : Ep 1 -

    Cedric Ross is arrested for fraud and embezzlement after a judge whom he had lost money for years earlier signs the indictment papers. The absence of Cedric gives Adam the opportunity he'd been looking for to sell the Bank. In order to protect his interests Cedric signs his controlling interest in Gardner/Ross over to his daughter Sally, an Economics Professor at a University. Marty's old trading adversary Jack Larkin arrives from Vancouver with the desire to become an investment banker. Jack impresses Sally and Adam after he is able to score a major deal. Sally sells him shares in the company at three times book value giving him a seat on the executive committee. Jack's deal with the gold mining firm nearly bankrupts the firm when a major investor pulls out. Jack insists Gardner/Ross can carry the additional cost of the loan, and in a daring set of trading moves single handedly saves the firm and sells the outstanding debt to private investors.moreless
  • Pennies From Heaven

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    S 1 : Ep 2 -

    A Fire alarm causes the trading floor to evacuate. Marty demands everyone return to work in order to sell a large block of shares he just got, and fires all of those who don't return. This of course ends up skrewing him the next day when half of his employees don't show up for work.

    Sally is concerned that the SEC may uncover an impropriety at Gardner/Ross, now that her father is incarcerated. She orders Marty to cease any and all trades that might be considered immoral, or unethical, even though they are all legal. He refuses and demands she either fire him, or get off his floor.

    Jack leaks a news story to the paper that Gardner/Ross is about to announce a major buyout deal. He sets forth to earn his pay by organizing a buyout of a smaller company, on behalf of a larger company. The only problem is that he has neither a buyer, nor seller. With only 4 days to go before the target date he must convince the owner of a large airline company to buy a new upstart company that has created a revolutionary type of GPS System.
    Unfortunately the CEO is a big time recluse that won't speak to anyone. Jack finds Ayn Krywarik, Gardner/Ross' best broker, works with this elusive CEO nearly everyday. Ayn loses a bet, and agrees to introduce Jack.

    Adam begins negotiations with a British Lord regarding the privatization of the last part of British Rail. Adam conscripts D'Arby to accompany him to London for a meeting about the deal, which unfortunately falls through once they return.

    An old friend of Marty (Benny) asks for a job. Sally agrees to hire him, provided Marty discontinue his 'shadowy' trades.

    Jack is able to negotiate the deal with the eccentric CEO, afterwards, him and Anne share a celebratory kiss. Ayn puts the breaks on, announcing that "The aircraft has not come to a complete stop".moreless
  • From Russia With Love

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    S 1 : Ep 6 -

    The police interview Susannah's daughter, after she is dropped off at the firm by Susannah's stalker. She takes the day off which starts a series of bets as the traders try to figure out what's going on in her personal life. A bet which may not be far off. The strain of the stalker is starting to take its toll on Susannah's marriage, with her husband becoming more and more hostile towards her busy lifestyle. Adam assigns Jack to manage a 10 million dollar IPO for an independent record label. Jack fears the deal is badly flawed. The company's future debt will soon exceed its IPO revenue by 3 to 1. Adam talks to Jansky about hedging the IPO deal. He asks him to come up with a plan to make money off the money he plans on losing in the deal. Sally buys a share of Millenia Construction, the stock the stalker is trying to get Susannah to recommend, in order to get the shareholder's list. She tracks down a broker she knows and tries to find out which of his clients is buying the stock. He refuses to help, even after she tells him there is more to this deal than money. He eludes to the fact that he too is slightly scared about the repercussions of divulging the identity of the investor. Jack's father is getting worse, and so is their relationship. Jack is clearly concerned for his father, but neither of them can put aside their differences long enough to even have a conversation. Frank (Jack's father) asks him to give his mother's wedding ring to his sister. Jack is less than enthusiastic about the prospect as he no longer speaks with her. Sally and Monica, reading through thousands of old newsletters, discover another analyst remarkably changing his position on another company. Susannah tracks the other analyst down and asks him about her stalker. He plays a tape of his voice, and its the same guy. They realise the extortion attempts are being orchestrated by the Russian Mafia. Jack comes up with a better plan for the music companies IPO, but the other bank's lead manager refuses to sign on, for if they do, they don't make money on the 30 million dollar loan. Jack goes over his head, and offers the deal directly to the record company, and they take it. Meanwhile, Adam's pet project to make money in derivatives is working, Jansky creates a virtual company that will climb in value as the real company falls. Unfortunately for him, Jack's restructuring deal causes the real company to rise, and the virtual company to declare virtual bankruptcy. Ayn gets a new client referral from Jack. The client orders her to take an extremely risky position in a stock, which could cause him to loose it all. The man's wife comes to see Ayn, and tells her that her husband is a compulsive gambler, with no job. He's on the verge bankruptcy. In between a rock and a hard place, Ayn doesn't place the order. A fortunate turn of events however pushes the stock he wanted purchased into the sewer. After she triumphantly announces she didn't place the order, the man storms out saying he would be hiring another broker, one that would do what HE was told. Jack's new deal with the record IPO puts Gardner/Ross in a position to make some serious coin. Unfortunately Adam's hedge evens it all out by losing all they had gained. Lastly, when Ayn finds out about Jack's father's illness, she brings him a prospectus on a biotech startup that is working on a cure for his illness.moreless