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Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy


3/5/1927, New York



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One of the most Tony Award-nominated actors in Broadway history, Jack Cassidy made a name for himself on stage, screen and TV with his persona of an urbane, super-confident egotist with a dramatic flair. He turned in a number of memorable performances before a tragic accident claimed his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jack Cassidy was on the cover of the October 7, 1967 issue of TV Guide.

    • While researching his Irish heritage, Jack Cassidy discovered his family's crest. He had gold pinky rings made bearing the crest, and gave them to his sons and his brother. His own ring helped authorities identify his remains after he was killed in a house fire.

    • Along with Stephen Boyd, Barbara Rush and Barbara Feldon, Jack Cassidy appeared in the 1973 ABC TV special Of Men and Women, which examined the relationships and differences between men and women.

    • Before breaking into show business, Jack Cassidy worked as a bell hop, counterman, dishwasher, chauffer, clothing salesman, postal clerk, hotel clerk, stable boy, coal and ice truck handler.

    • Years after his death, Jack Cassidy's son David revealed that his father was bisexual.

    • Jack Cassidy was married twice. His first wife was actress Evelyn Ward. The couple had one son - David. Cassidy's second wife was Partridge Family star Shirley Jones. Together, they had three sons - Shaun, Ryan and Patrick.

    • Jack Cassidy had four sons, all of whom have gone on to careers in music and acting: David, Shaun, Patrick and Ryan.

    • Jack Cassidy wrote a play, titled A Waltz for Willie Ryan.

    • Jack Cassidy was nominated for two Emmy awards: one in 1968 as Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy for the television series He & She and one in 1971 for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for the film The Andersonville Trial.

    • In addition to winning a Tony in 1964, Jack Cassidy was nominated for three others -
      Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical) in 1965 for Fade Out -- Fade In, and as Best Actor (Musical) in 1966 for It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman! and in 1969 for Maggie Flynn.

    • Jack Cassidy won the Tony Award for Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical) in 1964 for his role of Stephen Kodaly in She Loves Me.

    • Jack Cassidy was one of the most frequent guest murderers on Columbo, appearing in three episodes. Only one other actor, Patrick McGoohan, played a Columbo murderer more than Cassidy. (Robert Culp made four appearances, but only three as a murderer, tying him with Cassidy.)

    • Jack Cassidy was offered, but turned down, the role of Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He would later make a guest appearance as Ted's brother.

    • Jack Cassidy got the chance to portray his acting role model, John Barrymore, in the 1976 film W.C. Fields and Me.

    • In a coincidence eerily similar to his own death, Jack Cassidy's character in the Night Gallery episode "The Last Laurel" accidentally killed himself while sleeping. Cassidy died after falling asleep while smoking, which caused a fatal fire.

    • When he was starting out in show business, Jack Cassidy received help from a family member who was a contortionist in the circus.

    • On June 24, 2005, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that Jack Cassidy would receive a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in theatre.

  • Quotes

  • There has never been a brighter star in the sky or on the screen.

    Jack Cassidy was a man of limitless talent. While he is best known for his golden voice and sparkling wit, he was a true star. He could act, sing, dance, write, direct, sculpt, paint and design. He didn't just act in plays, he wrote his own. While he could captivate an audience, he never received the full respect and admiration he deserved. His 1963 Tony, four Tony nominations and two Emmy nominations stand testament to this man. If given more time, one can only imagine where his abilities would have taken us. He was an incredible man, an unmatched talent and is sincerely missed.moreless