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  • Jack Coleman is...

    ..one of the most underrated actors of all time. Give this guy his own show! He should have a movie career also.
  • Date of Birth 21 February 1958, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA Birth Name John MacDonald Coleman Height 6' 2" (1.88 m) Spouse Beth Toussaint (21 June 1996 - present) 1 child

    A sixth-generation grandson of Benjamin Franklin, in turn related to President John Calvin Coolidge Jr. and a remote descendant of the old Earls of Orkney and the ancient Kings of Scotland.

    Graduated from Duke University in 1980, where he studied acting.

    Has one daughter Tess, born in 1999, who appeared in the Wes Craven film Red Eye.

    In theater, he won the 1986 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for his performance in "Bouncers".

    Studied acting at the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, and Writers' Boot Camp.

    Gained TV notice after replacing Al Corley in the role of "Steven Carrington", one of prime-time television's first openly gay characters, on the night time soap "Dynasty".
  • Really great!

    A really great actor and I used to really be in love with him when he was younger in the Dynasty series as gay man Steve Carrington. As he was one of the first tv characters to be gay When it was taboo at the time. But really amazes me in the tv show Heroes. Where he plays a good-bad kind of guy thing. Whether you want to cheer for him or jeer him. Either way, he can really top it all off. Hope that he is big and that his career will stay on top after Heroes. Really great actor.
  • The sort of actor you could see in any role.

    Having only seen Jack Coleman in Heroes, and vaguely remembering seeing him in CSI:Miami, some might say I cant really give a great review of him as an actor. I obviously dissagree with that as I would not be writing this review if I did not think I could tell people just how good I think he is.

    He plays Mr. Bennet in Heroes for those of you who dont know, and he has played that part unbelievably well. For the first half of the season I was convinced he was pure evil only to have my mind completely changed when he wanted to protect claire. Now I am of the oppinion that it is not always easy for an actor to play both good and bad convincingly in the same show, and he does it superbly.

    Every week I find myself liking his character more and more and I can only credit that to the quality of acting this man can produce. Fair enough he is no Denzel Washington, but with the amount of new tv shows coming out each year and failing due to bad actors and bad writing, this is one man I would be happy to watch in any new series. Season one of Heroes is coming to an end for me here in England and I can only see me appreciating his acting more and more as the second season begins. Genius!

    by Aaron(Legolas22)