Jack Colvin

Jack Colvin


10/13/1933, Lyndon, Kansas



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He had a long history as a stage actor when he was approached about the "Hulk" role in 1977. The series, based on the Marvel Comics character, aired on CBS until 1982. "When they told me the title, I laughed. But then they gave me two scripts to…more


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  • Trivia

    • Jack Colvin's remains were cremated.

    • Even though Jack Colvin appeared in literally hundreds of films and TV shows, he always returned to the theater.

    • Jack Colvin's comedy act with Yvonne Wilder culminated in a farewell appearance at Carnegie Hall in New York.

    • Jack Colvin's partnership with Yvonne Wilder was one of the most flourishing comedy acts of the 1960's. This led him to appear on stage all over the United States. This included appearances on TV, including The Dean Martin Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

    • Jack Colvin was teaching acting twice a week and working on the play, A Day of Jubilo, at the time of his death.

    • Jack Colvin was the founder and artistic director of the Michael Chekhov Studio USA West until his death in 2005.

    • During the seven years Jack Colvin was under contract with Universal Pictures, he appeared in over 100 hours of television programming.

    • Jack Colvin won the Drama Logue Award in 5 separate categories: actor, director, playwright, producer and production designer.

    • Jack Colvin became a private student of the Russian-American actor and director Michael Chekhov when he was 17 years old.

  • Quotes

    • Jack Colvin: When I was 12 years old, I saw Michael Chekhov in a Hollywood movie. I had never seen anything like it.

    • Jack Colvin: I was a child actor. When I learned [Michael Chekhov] was a teacher, I pursued him for five years. He took me as a private student. He drew for me the course of my life.

    • Jack Colvin: (Commenting on the TV series The Incredible Hulk) When they told me the title, I laughed. But then they gave me two scripts to read and I knew the series would go.

  • There is a common misperception that a supporting actor is less important than the star. This week we lost two great character actors who although you might not know their names their contribution to the shows they worked on were invaluable.moreless

    This classically trained actor was a veteran of numerous TV shows and movies, but to me he was best known for the role of investigative reporter Jack McGee in the TV series The Incredible Hulk. You may remember this quote from the show’s opening, "The creature is driven by rage and pursued by an investigative reporter. Mr. McGee... don't make me angry... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry". As a kid I was a devoted fan of the show, but I saw the character of Jack McGee as just the bad guy. As an adult I enjoyed the show again in reruns on SCIFI and really saw what Jack Colvin brought to the character of McGee. Here was a brilliant reporter who now was down on his luck working at a tabloid (The National Register). He knew that the HULK story would put him at the top of his profession again and became obsessed like Capt. Ahab. Instead of hunting the great white whale, he wanted to expose the big green man. I found myself not wanting him to succeed in finding the Hulk for the sake of the Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) and Dr. Banner (Bill Bixby). At the same time I cared for McGee because unlike Ahab his quest was not a personal vendetta, he just wanted to be respected in his field again. That is a lot of support to give to the star.

    Good Night Jack, You finally got your story.moreless