Jack DeSena

Jack DeSena


12/6/1987, Boston, Massachusetts

Birth Name

John Patrick DeSena



Also Known As

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Jack DeSena -- actor, comedian. He was born on December 6, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is most recognized from the Nickelodeon shows, All That and Avatar: The Last Airbender. He also voiced in the movie The Wild.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Grand voice of Sokka

    I swear, just the way Jack DeSena talks is funny. I wish this guy could be my personal alarm clock and wake me up in the morning with his squeaky voice. He was hilarious on All-That, but he is hysterical on Avatar. I have mentioned this to a bunch of my friends before, and most of them say I'm crazy. But you have to admit, Avatar would not be as good without this guy. The creators of Avatar knew what they were doing when they hired Jack DeSena. Just like Mae Whitman, I think Jack Desena deserves his own show. It would be like the next Seinfeld.moreless
  • The most funny teen actor!

    As a child I used to watch Nick's hit show All That and to tell everyone the truth he was my favorite actor in that show! he is really funny!!! he makes your gut come out of so much laughing! and I'm happy to know that he's the Voice actor in my all time favorite show Avatar the last airbender!!! he did a AWESOME job with sokka! I didn't know that he could pull off

    voice acting! although I admit that he is using his natural voice already as Sokka but I'm sure that he can pull off many voices, but we just didn't see it yet! I'm sure I'll be laughing at his future shows!moreless