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  • Trivia

    • Jack has worked in both TV and theatre in the past. Theatre credits include Shakespearian plays such as 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Twelfth Night'.

    • Jack is an accomplished actor, having performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

    • Jack admits to being a news-junkie, and watching Newsnight every night.

    • In his spare-time, Jack enjoys reading but mostly his life is centered around his children, Theo and Alice.

    • When Jack's character, Jim Fenner, was stabbed in Bad Girls, he explained that the acting came naturally but that a lot of white face make-up and dried blood was required. The episode involved several hours for Jack, lying on a trolley, even when his colleagues went on breaks, because it would be too time-consuming to unhook him from the hospital tubes.

    • Bad Girls is not Jim's only experience with prison. He once performed Hamlet, with the Royal Shakespeare Company, at HMP Broadmoor. He described the experience as being "intense".

    • Jack admitted that his wife has at times had to ask him to leave Bad Girls charactetr Jim Fenner at work, and just be Jack Ellis when he gets home.

    • Jack is the brother of actor and writer, Robin Ellis.

    • Jack is married to Christine Kavanagh, with whom he has two children, Theo and Alice.

    • In 1987, Jack starred in the John le Carre adaptation of 'A Perfect Spy'.

    • Jack enjoys sports in his spare-time. His best activities are cricket and horse-riding.

    • Jack not only acts, but he can also sing, with a proud baritone voice.

    • Jack has a reputation for being great with different accents. Perfected accents include those UK ones such as Birmingham, Cockney, Geordie, Somerset and Yorkshire, but he can also do a great Californian one too.

    • Jack's character, Jim Fenner, was killed by Julie J in Bad Girls.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: I think the thing about acting...is that you do have to go through a little bit of soul-searching, and you do have to think about the times that you get defensive, or the times that you get angry about things, unreasonably angry, and then you have to magnify that. It's quite interesting to watch Match Of The Day at the end when you see some of the reactions at the end by footballers and managers on the losing side…

    • Explaining that he couldn't be a prison officer in real life
      Jack:I couldn't do that job in real life. It wouldn't suit me at all. It's too claustrophobic, I don't agree with the way women's prisons are run in real life. I'm certainly not interested in herding people from one place to another, and I don't want a whole load of abuse on a daily basis.

    • Jack: Jim is certainly a devious man but as with any character I've played I have grown to like him. His way of thinking is very un-PC, but it's something that I'm enjoying playing. He is the 'raw male' material and in a strange way it's quite a release.