Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly


9/16/1927, Astoria, New York, USA



Birth Name

John A. Kelly Jr.


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Jack Kelly, born September 16, 1927, is most remembered for his role as Bret's brother Bart on Maverick, yet he was a child performer on radio and stage and actually appeared in over a hundred different movies and TV shows during his long career. After he semi-retired from…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Poor Jack Kelly

    Jack Kelly was an actor who did some fine work on a classic TV series yet suffered the misfortune of being overshadowed by another actor from the same series. Kelly lived in the shadow of James Garner on Maverick and did a yeoman like job of keeping the show going after Garner left the series. Yet nobody ever seemed to give him any credit at all even though a few of Kelly's solo episodes on Maverick like Arizona Black Maria and The People's Friend were as good as anything Garner ever did.

    Kelly and Garner together on Maverick were dynamite. The best brother tandem in the history of television. Even Garner conceded that the biggest mistake in his 1982 revival of the series, Bret Maverick, was not bringing Kelly into the fold so maybe Jack Kelly was more integral to Maverick's success than people give him credit for.

    After Maverick ended, Jack Kelly never got another role as good or notable as that of Bart Maverick even though he continued his acting career for nearly two decades. He'd usually give it his best shot but sometimes you could tell that his heart simply wasn't in it. After his acting career wound down, Kelly, like a few other actors, tried his hand at politics. He served two terms as mayor of Huntington Beach, CA before dying of a stroke in 1992 at the age of 65.

    RIP, Mr. Kelly. You'll always have one true fan here.moreless