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    • Jack was a personal friend of Leon Klinghoffer, who was killed by terrorists during the October 7, 1985 hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro.

    • In honor of Jack Kirby, comic strip artist-writer Rick Veitch named his son Kirby.

    • It's believed that around 18,000 pages of Jack's original Marvel art was stolen and sold after he left Marvel in 1970.

    • The Smithsonian Institution asked for Jack's drawing table after his death, but as of now, the transfer has not been made yet. (December 2006)

    • In 1981, Jack reached an agreement with Pacific Comics that would allow him to retain copyright over his creation "Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers" and receive royalties on it, as well as creative control. This helped end the "work for hire" process of the comics industry in which creators saw little or no residual income from their creations due to corporate ownership through unfair contract clauses where creators signed away their rights for royalties in exchange for one-time payment for their services.

    • Jack's daughter, Lisa, announced in 2006 that she and co-writer Steve Robertson, with artist Mike Thibodeaux, will publish a six-issue miniseries, "Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters," featuring characters and concepts created by her father.

    • Jack's output was significantly affected by the Senate Hearings on Comic Books And Juvenile Delinquency in 1954-1955. So many companies and titles were put out of business at this time, that Jack's work dropped from 20 pages a week to 20 pages total for the months of February through May of 1955.

    • Jack drew over 25,000 pages of comic art.

    • (2006) The U.S. Postal Service series of DC Super Heroes stamps includes Green Arrow, as drawn by Jack.

    • Jack's designs of DC characters were used for a line of toys in 1984, "The Super Powers Collection."

    • The jazz group Interzone recorded a tribute album, "Requiem for Jack Kirby," in 2001.

    • The video game, Marvel Super Heroes (1995), was created as a tribute to him, and finished a year after his death.

    • Kirby was inducted into the Shazam Awards Hall Of Fame in 1974.

    • Jack created his own newspaper comic strip, "Sky Masters of the Space Force," which featured the adventures of an American astronaut. It ran from September 8, 1958 to February 25, 1961. The Sunday version of the strip ran stories independent of the main strip and ran from February 8, 1959 to February 14, 1960.

    • Jack took over the "Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen" title for DC Comics at their request, only because it was between artists and he didn't want to cost anyone their job. He then renamed the title "The Superman Family" and made it a showcase of different characters that had appeared in titles Superman was prominent in.

    • Jack Kirby won the 1967 Alley Award for Best Pencil Artist, and 2nd place for the 1968 Alley Award Best Pencil Artist.

    • Jack sued Marvel Comics in 1987 over a dispute involving ownership of his original artwork at Marvel, and in exchange for his giving up any claim to copyright, Kirby received from Marvel the 2,100 pages of his original art that remained in its possession.

    • Jack had an award named after him, appropriately dubbed the Jack Kirby Award. It was presented from 1985-1987 by the publishers of "Amazing Heroes" magazine, for recognition of individual contributions to the comics industry. It was discontinued after a lawsuit between Dave Olbrich, who managed the award, and Fantagraphics, the publishers of "Amazing Heroes" was filed disputing ownership of the award, and settled with a compromise between both parties to end its use.

    • Jack and his partner, Joe Simon, created the first romance comic, "Young Romance Comics" at Crestwood Publications, in 1947.

    • Jack served with the Third Army combat infantry, and landed in Normandy, on Omaha Beach, 10 days after D-Day.

    • Jack worked on "Popeye, The Sailor Man" cartoons for Fleischer Studios in 1938, as a "in-betweener," an artist who fills in the action between major-movement frames.

    • Jack was an avid cigar smoker and was often pictured/photgraphed smoking them.

    • Created and co-created many important and popular comic book characters, including Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Silver Surfer, Galactus, Black Panther, The Eternals, Machine Man and the Fantastic Four for Marvel, Darkseid, Mister Miracle, The New Gods, Kamandi, and the Challengers of the Unknown for DC Comics.

  • Quotes

    • Jack Kirby: I've never done anything half-heartedly; it's a disservice to me and the audience if I do it half-heartedly.