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  • One of my first "favourite" TV series ever...

    ...was, is and ever-more shall be, Hawaii Five-0. And largely, that is because of Jack Lord.

    I don't much listen to the attempted character assassinations that take place for Jack, because I can imagine most of it was born of jealously. It is tough to be a person of principles and integrity at the best of times, but to have to be that and be so public a figure at the same time, must have been difficult.

    Thankfully he endured, and I think this character trait lent itself beautifully to his work; certainly with the one and only "Steve McGarrett". This show and this character are timeless and not many performers these days will be remembered, even iconic, across generations.

    I enjoyed him on Twelve O'Clock High as the elder but no less goal oriented big brother Gallagher! He and Paul Burke on the same show?: Heaven! Burke returned the favour with a guest shot on H5-0 too.

    I faithfully buy the H5-0 DVD's as they come out, and have myself a viewing marathon with each one of them. I was really young when the show was airing, but I guess, when you're the gold standard, you remain relevant. That goes for the show, and for Mr. Jack Lord!