Jack Lucarelli

Jack Lucarelli


8/3/1944, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Jack Joseph Lucarelli


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Jack Joseph Lucarelli was born in Los Angeles on August 3, 1944 to Jack and Rose. Jack Sr. was a California Highway Patrol Officer in Glendale, where Jack was raised, and Jack's mother was a homemaker. Jack is the oldest of three siblings, Bobby, Mary Lou and Michael.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Great guest-starring roles on SIMON & SIMON. He played the 'bad guy' very well. He certainly scared me! He added a lot to the episodes he was in and I think he is a very good actor. Pretty cute too! LOVED 'American Justice" the film he produced.moreless

    I first noticed Jack Lucarelli acting in an episode of SIMON & SIMON called, Love, Christy. He played one of the 'badies' and he certainly convinced me! But I really took notice during another episode called, 'Something Special'. He terrified me in this performance.

    I also discovered that he was the husband of SIMON co-star, Jeannie Wilson, another favorite of mine.

    I think the body of work I appreciate from Jack the most is the film, 'American Justice', in which he acted and produced along with Jameson Parker. It was a dark, well-acted, well-written drama which also starred, Gerald McRaney, Willford Brimley and Jeannie Wilson.moreless