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    • Jack McBrayer: Even if I have one line in a script, I'm totally happy. You have some big dogs playing. Just being in the same kennel with them is great.

    • Jack McBrayer: I'm still walking around New York like a tourist staring up at all the skyscrapers. I wave at people, I shake hands, I help ladies with strollers.

    • Jack McBrayer: I thought people were going to come up and say, "Your show ain't funny. And you're stupid. And you've got no chin. And your haircut is ugly. And you're from the South." But they've been nice. A couple of times, people were like, "Can I hug you?" ...Then they stab you with a hypodermic needle.

    • Jack McBrayer: It's kind of a fine line between Jack McBrayer and Kenneth. Only a navy blazer separates the two!

    • Jack McBrayer: I think it's so cool that even though I never did get SNL, I'm able to do a show on TV that's kind of about SNL.

    • Jack McBrayer: I am curious to know whether or not the number of applications for Pages has grown or dropped off sharply.

    • Jack McBrayer (on discovering improv): If I was wearing a kicky beret, I would have flung it in the air.

    • Jack McBrayer: [Kenneth] is kind of like me. I love working, period. I'm thrilled and relieved to have a job. And I'm also a people pleaser--I'm a middle child.

    • Jack McBrayer: I've found my niche... Southern and very eager.

    • Jack McBrayer: Recently I've had a couple 14-hour days with Alec Baldwin. My character is supposed to be very intimidated by him, so I wasn't really acting.

    • Jack McBrayer: Why would you be mean to anybody when it's so much easier to be pleasant?