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  • maybe one of the most gracious, talented,and humbled guys in sports.

    he entertained us for year with his great golfing abilities, and the way he handled pressure and the way he was gracious and humble, win or lose. In fact Tiger Woods said that Nicklaus was basically who he looked up to as a boy playing golf. Nicklaus has a museum dedicated to him in Columbus on the Ohio State University campus, next to Schottenstein Center. My Dad always looked up to Nicklaus as a golfer, and so did I. One day when I was in Columbus and had some time to kill, and it was amazing to see everything in there, way more than just his brilliant career as a golfer, but everything about him. It was amazing, I could go on about the how time he won green Jackets from the Masters, or the U.S. or British opens he won, but I think he was great because he is also a good person. I don't think enough atheletes have the sportsmanship that he had when he was playing.