Jack Orman





Paradise Valley, Arizona

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Jack Orman started as a writer for Jag in 1995. Execs were so impressed with him that in six months, he was made a co-producer. The next year Orman became a writer and a producer for the hit show ER, which he was later made an executive producer. He is currently a executive producer for the CBS show Dr. Vegas.

Jack Orman has received four Emmy nominations and three People's Choice Awards along with other ER producers, John Wells and Michael Criton. Jack Orman has written highly rated ER episodes "All in the Family", "The Crossing" and "When Night Meets Day", his final ER episode.

Jack Orman was raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He attended Loyola Marymount University where he received a bachelor's degree in film communications. He then continued to receive a master of fine arts degree from the USC Peter Stark Producing Program. Jack is married with two sons. He and his family live in Studio City.