Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne


11/8/1985, London, England

Birth Name

John Osbourne, Jr.



Also Known As

Jack Osborne
  • The Osbournes
  • Jack Osbourne
  • The Osbournes
  • Jack Osbourne
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Jack Osbourne has had a rocky life. He was diagnosed with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and dyslexia as a child. In the last few years he was checked into rehab for oxycontin, alcoholism, depression, insomnia and marijuana use. Jack's father is famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne (a.k.a Prince of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jack has previously mentioned his romantic interests in Kimberly Stewart, Paris Hilton, Brienne Kobain and Eliska Amor.

    • Jack & sister Kelly treated each other to strippers for their 21st & 22nd birthdays, respectively, in London in early November 2006.

    • Jack got a tattoo against his mother's wishes, when she was battling Cancer, in her honor. Kelly told her about it, and Sharon had him take off his shirt to see what it was when he arrived home. Sharon ended up being touched by the sentiment, instead of being upset by the betrayal.

    • Jack has appeared in a commercial for Pepsi-Twist with his family in 2003, and one for Radio Shack in 2004.

    • Jack is very technologically-literate, knowing a lot about computers, their inner workings, and their capabilities. He was once considered a 'computer geek'.

    • Jack admits to having three different 'faces' that he wears for people in his life. The first being for his parents, that one is a funny, nice, loving son Jack. The second is for his friends, and that one is insane, crazy, party animal Jack. The third face is for the public, and it is the one that they wanted to kick out of the house.

    • Jack was annoyed with his neighbors tennis playing in the late night hours, so he donned his camoflage jacket and Army glasses, jumped into the bushes, and soaked their tennis court with his paint-ball gun. Police let the 17 year old off with a warning.

    • Jack notices that he gets a lot more attention from the ladies now that he has shaped up and slimmed down. Although he lost his virginity at age 14, he has never been in love.

    • Jack launched a public attack on Simon Cowell, labeling him a 'slimeball' for accusing his father of staging a publicity stunt when he had his near-fatal quad accident in 2006.

    • Jack believes that his sudden lack of anonymity had made his lifestyle chaotic, claiming that everything was a whirlwind and it created a load of insecurity. To this day, he constantly is looking over his shoulder to see if some one is watching, due to all of the on-screen time he has put in on reality television.

    • Jack turned down his mom's offer to run her management company for her because he doesn't want to work with Kelly. He is interested in becoming a multimedia mogul, a TV producer, as well as music executive, just not in the same company with sister kelly, who he claims is 'too hard to handle'.

    • Jack wants to be blasted into space for his extreme sports reality show. The producers brought up the idea of sending him into space on a shuttle, and he has done all he can to make it happen. Mom Sharon, is not for the stunt at all.

    • Jack admits to trying to commit suicide while being followed by MTV cameras, by taking a combination of Oxycontin pain killers and the lethal drink Absinthe.

    • Jack believes that he was predisposed to alcoholism by his father's genes, that he had no choice but to confront the disease due to genetics.

    • Jack upset MTV executives when he was covering the V festival in Sweden for them at age 17. He refused to work while his favorite bands were onstage. When The Hives & The Cardigans took the stage, he put down his sound equipment, and disappeared into the crowds.

    • Jack has admitted to smoking pot, taking Vicodin, Oxycontin, Lorcet, Percocet, Dilaudid, and drinking every day for a year before rehab, thinking that he should have died on at least four different occasions during that time.

    • Jack has expressed gratitude for the counseling that he received while in rehab, especially learning not to 'stuff' his feelings, but instead to voice them, and work them out.

    • Jack went through a depression while filming The Osbournes on MTV. He was hurt by the media reports that he was the least favorite Osbourne, and floored by his mother's struggle with Cancer.

    • Jack took part in Sport Relief and faced former S club member Bradley McIntosh in a boxing match of three rounds, lasting one minute each to raise money for the charity. Jack won the bout by unanimous decision.

    • Jack's favorite all time band is Tool.

    • Jack was once considering a career in law enforcement, but has since changed his mind.

    • Jack used to work at Epic Records as a talent scout, and assisted his mother Sharon in managing his father's annual tourung festival, 'Ozzfest'.

    • Jack used to work at Epic Records as a talent scout, and assisted his mother Sharon in managing his father's annual tourung festival, 'Ozzfest'.

    • Jack weighed in at 231 pounds at his heaviest weight, getting down to 161 after six months, his ultimate goal is to weigh 147lbs.

    • Jack participated in a high-fiber liquid diet and coffee enemas to help detox himself.

    • Jack's new lifestyle includes jogging, rock climbing, and bedtime at eleven p.m. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food are out.

    • Jack has been gathering information on what it takes to become a firefighter, a dream he has had since he was a boy. He needs a solid year to commit to achieve his goal, and is inspired to do so...with the cameras off.

    • Jack is working on earning his GED, having never completed high school. He is diligent about achieving this goal.

    • Jack and his crew ran out of food while conquering the El Cap climb, rationing out the last two days on one bagel, a half a bowl of porridge, and a Power-Bar. When he got to the ground, he had his mom take a picture of him without his shirt, and he looked like he had just walked through the desert for a month, he was so skinny she said it was ridiculous.

    • Jack is close friends with Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly. When she had her breast implants removed, he jokingly asked for them. A week after her surgery, he received a delivery of flowers, with a case holding her implants, which he now has hanging in his bathroom.

    • Jack's scariest experience in thrill seeking, happened while running with the bulls in Spain. He describes the ground as slippery, wet, and disgusting. Covered with beer, pee, and vomit. When he was running, a girl in front of him fell over, and if one person falls, there's potential for a pile-up, and the bull will plow over you. Jack bent to pick her up, someone smashed into him, he fell, and the bull missed him by two feet.

    • Jack trained for boxing in Thailand, and had to fight a local Thai guy, knocking him out in the second round. It was then that he found his confidence at 200 pounds, to forge ahead to train for more competitve bouts.

    • Jack moved out of his parent's house after he got sober, into a house in the Hollywood Hills, it's just him, his housemate, and the dogs. He gets along much better with his parents this way.

    • Jack's initial feeling when climbing was the rush, it is the first and foremost thing he loves. There is nothing like just gearing up and going for it, he likes that he doesn't know what he is getting into, it keeps him coming back every time, and keeps him away from chasing chemical rushes and highs.

    • Jack was never uncomfortable with mountain climbing, his first climb was in Slovenia, with a few of his friends, and he wasn't scared of the height, and didn't feel unsafe at any point. He went on to complete three climbs there.

    • Jack likes to surround himself with people who climb hard because it inspires him, and he pushes to climb like them.

    • Jack picked up climbing as part of a full-scale detox program, and ever since he gripped his first holds he hasn't let go.

    • Jack has always had a fascination with climbing since he watched his first R-rated movie, Cliffhanger at age six.

    • In Jack's autobiography, 21 Years Gone, he includes an account of watching Ozzy down pills so, trying to be just like his dad, he would buy tic tac mints and swallow them.

    • In 2006 Jack released an autobiography titled 21 Years Gone.

    • Since he recently lost a lot of weight, Jack has set his new goal: to get a six-pack.

    • In January 2005, Jack stars in Jack Osbourne: Adreneline Junkie, a three-hour show on the Travel Channel, that covers his training to climb Yosemite's El Capitan.

    • Jack's parents are "...proud of his decision and commend him for making it", after Jack had gone to them for help with his drug addiction.

    • Jack has taken on many challenges in his show, Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie.

    • Jack's mother, Sharon Osbourne, fears that if he travels to South America, he will be kidnapped by gangsters. Thus, he is banned from travelling there.

    • Jack was in the film Austin Powers in Goldmember, as himself.

    • Jack appeared in the movie New York Minute.

    • Jack's favourite type of music is metal.

    • Jack extremely hates the boyband The Backstreet Boys.

    • Jack lost a lot of weight while in Thailand for a martial arts camp.

    • Jack is a very good drummer.

    • Jack was admitted into the rehab Las Encinas Hospital in April 2003.

    • Jack once believed that being Ozzy Osbourne's son made him destined to have a drug problem.

    • Jack's nickname is Jack Sabbath because he loves the band Black Sabbath.

    • Jack's height is 5'8".

  • Quotes

    • (On actress Eliska Amor, of whom he has cited romantic interest)
      Jack Osbourne: She's f*cking beautiful and what's better is she's talented. She's not some f*cking brat who just wound up in the spotlight. Beauty, brains and dignity. I like that.

    • Jack: (on the LA drug scene) You can pretty much walk into any bar in LA and ask for Vicodin (a painkiller) in the same way as you might ask for a cigarette. People will fish into their bags and hand one to you like they're handing you a stock of gum.

    • Jack: I decided to get sober when I took a look around the house I was at one day, and saw nothing but losers. My friends, the losers, sitting around staring at the walls, talking about nothing, and repeating the same patterns everyday. I thought about where I would be in five years, if I stayed with this crowd, and I saw myself as one of the losers, so I went home and told my Mum that I needed to get out of that scene now.

    • Jack: I love a great concert, the hard rocking music, the energy of the crowd, the electricity in the air, there's nothing like it. I will always go to my favorite shows and blow off some steam, it is a release that I need.

    • Jack: Life actually got so bad that I wanted to die. I wanted to die because I wasn't happy when I was sober & I wasn't happy when I was high anymore.

    • Jack: When my Mum first told me about her illness, I didn't cry, and that s*** hurt a lot. I have probably cried over her illness twice now, I was constantly just drowning it out, by drinking and using.

    • Jack: I was the little demon kid tearing through the house who seized every chance I got to terrorize the nanny and neighbors, and who walked out on his dad during the marijuana lecture. I was a total waste case for a spell.

    • Jack: Everybody always thinks extreme sports and they picture snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, but I took more of a Bohemian approach.

    • Jack: I was slamming shots and partying when most boys my age were building forts and playing with trains. I still go to extremes for thrills, it's just in the boxing ring now, or on the side of a mountain wall. I have even found my thrills two feet in front of the raging bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

    • Jack: I'll tell you what, when I was on Salathe Mountain after day three I thought, 'You know what, being up here makes you want to train harder. I trained solidly for the past six months to do it, but I'm going to train harder, come back and free more pitches.

    • Jack: When I meditate all worries in the world disappear. You are so present and focused on what you are doing, and flow smoothely, and I love that. I got a really noisy head and it just quiets things down for me.

    • Jack (blaming sister Kelly for his bad luck in the girlfriend department): She scares them off. I'll be with a girl and Kelly will go, 'You're ugly! F*ck off''. She may be right, but that's why I haven't had sex for four months.

    • Jack: I thought it was cool to get loaded, take drugs and get drunk, that was what I thought you did.

    • Jack (on giving up drugs): I was a fat kid with big specs in Hollywood, where everyone is beautiful. I still go out and party. I still get women. The difference is, I can now remember what happened.

  • He's kinda hot!!! But are we ready to see the new and improved Jack Osborune?

    When we first saw Jack Osborune, he wasn't good looking, and he didn't have a very good body. His attitude was towards his paretns was rude, but kids tend to pick up bad habits from parents. He was also addited to drugs. After he said that he had enough of his old life, he decided to get into shape, and change his lifestyle! His lost so much weight, that he looks like a different person. He got a new hair do, that makes him look so much better. Also, he's planning on keeping the healthier lyfestyle, and working on musle building. Now Jack Osborune looks so hot!!!moreless
  • Tonight on the Travel Channel at 8pm EST are 3 episodes of how Jack Osbourne fought his addictions and became sober while training to lose weight and get healthy.

    Tonight on the Travel Channel at 8pm EST are 3 episodes of how Jack Osbourne fought his addictions and became sober. He began an intense training program giving him the strength and confidence to fight in a kickboxing match in Thailand, run with the bulls in Spain and climb El Capatan in Yosemite in California. It shows all the trials and tribulations of his struggles and successes and is honestly a truly inspiring story of Jack\\\'s determination to stay sober and be productive in life. Please tune in! Travel Channel 8pm tonight!moreless