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  • well i fink jack shepherd is gorgeous a real ladies man i fink he is a superb actor nd suits the bad boy part of david platt i met jack yesterday nite nd he is as pretty face 2 face i am applying to go to drama school just so mayb i could act besid

    i think jack is an excellent actor but i hope the producers dont kill him off like the halloween special say's they are going to. i hope he doesnt really commit suicide. i really would like to be in the cast of coronation street but i have toon go to drama school first and maybe i could be david platts girlfriend and jack p shepherds girlfriend that would be amazing. he is a fantastic actor he suits the bad-boy part but why does he have to be a pyshco that part doesnt suit him. he is a top man and his face must be worth a million dollars as he is that pretty. well thats all i have to say about jack shepherd.