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Jack Prince

Jack Prince


1/19/1920, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA



Birth Name

John Upchurch


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Jack Prince, born John Upchurch in Shreveport, Louisiana on January 19,1920, trained to be a singer from an early age. Perhaps the height, and certainly the most visible point, of his career as a vocalist was singing on The Johnny Carson Show in 1955.
However, although he also…more


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  • what a voice!!! even now, some 40 years later he remains a pleasure to hear and appeals to many with a quality ear. Jack desearved an elevated 3 star marqee rating.moreless

    i am looking for any and all works performed by Jack Prince in the form of titles music and lyrics (especially those but not only those) performed on the andy G. show.

    also did Jack have a signature song that he loved to sing. i would very much like to have or procure his songs and or recordings of his voice./ I have recorded the episodes of his appearances on the A.G. show but to date have not been able to find or seen any of his other appearences on other shows.

    Cindy if you see yhid post please contact/email me any info I remain Respectfully Yours

    thank you

    Dan P.

  • like buttah...

    being jack was my dad, of course he was one of my personal favorites....

    his voice was a real woman-trap, apparently. my mom said when he did his stage show, women would go up to him and cling to his legs while he was singing...

    in \'rafe hollister sings\', jack\'s voice can take the listener into other dimensions. tho i sing, and have inherited his talent for perfect pitch, i cannot claim to transcend the mundane with my voice....moreless