Jack Salvatore, Jr.





10/16/1989 , Northridge, CA

Birth Name

Jack Anthony Salvatore, Jr.




Jack is currently a student at the University of Southern California, in the School of Cinematic Arts. He graduated from high school with highest honors in May 2007. He has been active in show business since the age of five when he asked his sister's agent to represent him! Besides his TV and movie experience, Jack has also done numerous national and regional TV and radio commercials. He loves to travel with his family when not in school. His favorite destinations include Tahiti, Maui, London and New Orleans. Southern California radio listeners will recognize the voice of Jack's Dad, KNX News Radio anchorman, Jack Salvatore, Sr. Jack's Mom is a Registered Nurse who works part-time at a nearby University. His best friend and mentor is his sister, Hilary, an accomplished actress.